Cyanogen Inc updates OnePlus One to 12.1.1 with Microsoft Cortana

Cyanogen Inc is finally rolling out Cyanogen OS 12.1.1 for the OnePlus One, but it is not just an update. Noooooo. This is the first OS version where you get built-in Microsoft Cortana support. The sad part is that this feature will only be allowed in the US for now.


Cyanogen Cortana


Microsoft released Cortana a little while ago to some smartphones and, shortly after, it removed “the always listening” feature. On OnePlus One, things will be different because the VI will be pretty much embedded everywhere. The app on the OnePlus One will present the “Hey Cortana” hotword along with support for quiet mode, alarms and voice activated setting toggles. Cyanogen Inc. mentions that embedding Cortana into the OS will only allow the software to develop more in the future.


If you have a OnePlus One device, you should see the update in the system menu. Keep in mind that this is a Lollipop-based update as the “12” in the version number indicates. Cortana support will be limited to US users for now. If Cortana is not to your liking, you can always uninstall it after you update.


Source: Cyanogen


News Updates/Software

One Plus One gets CyanogenMod 12 update – get the ZIP file ahead of the official OTA here!

One Plus One gets CyanogenMod 12 update today and you can go to the source link below to get the ZIP file for it. The announcement was made today via Google+. This OS version carries the material design Lollipop became known for in a short period of time after launch and it also retains most of the functional changes of Android Lollipop. There will be some particular Cyanogen features around as well.


Cyanogenmod 12


One of the most important new features is the theming engine named App Themer where users will get control over the way their phones work. This will allow the download of free and paid themes to the device.

The restructured operating system will debut the new Cyanogen email powered by Boxer that provides several benefits such as Exchange support, Customization options and multiple account integration options. There will also be a new boot animation available.

The update to Cyanogen 12 will be available soon, and until then you can get the ZIP file in the source link below or from our own download box. This update is a complete ROM ready for CM updates that access a similar look to the block-based system characteristic to Lollipop.

MD5: c12a9666b93e0a45badd2ec4eddf2b8b6

File size: 570.6 MB


Source: AndroidPolice, CyanogenMod 12 mirror

News Updates/Software

OnePlus One teases Lollipop update in short video

One Plus One is still waiting for the Lollipop update to hit its sweet existence and now the newest Android OS has been teased on Google+. The update is coming soon and it has been teased with a little video you can check out below.



In the little clip you can see a more stock version of Android that Motorola and Nexus owners are already accustomed to, plus some CyanogenMod-related apps thrown in for good measure.

OnePlus recently unveiled a new name for the ROM it has been developing since its clash with Cyanogen last year and Oxygen OS already leaked in some photos that OnePlus officials have deemed false. Oxygen OS will be rolling out to devices in the future but no official announcement has been made so far.

Source: Android Police, TechRadar


OnePlus team teases new device coming Q2 or Q3 of 2015

OnePlus is still playing hard to get when it comes to its special One as we still have to fish an invite before buying the device. When are we going to start getting in virtual lines for a newer one? According to some OnePlus voices, the OnePlus TWO(?) launches sometime in Q2 or Q3 of 2015.

The timeframe was announced on a subreddit Q&A today and it would mean that the next device pops out on the market a year after the release of the first one. There are no news regarding the way of purchase the new device will have, but we sure hope we won’t have to beg for invites again!

The announcement also implies that the device would be smaller than the 5.5” OnePlus One. The new device may already be in post-production as we speak though!

Source: Reddit

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News Tips/ Tutorials

CyanogenMod releases kernel source for One PlusOne as the device becomes somewhat available

CyanogenMod recently released its kernel source for One Plus One, the first premium Chinese smartphone device, at the time of its final and expected arrival. The device is hyped on the market as it is released and bought on invitation and mostly because it runs on a CyanogenMod version. Its kernel source code was launched and now talented ROM developers can build standard AOSP of CyanogenMod releases.

This is the best timing for such attempts, as phone invitations are finally being sent out. People who received an invitation can now buy a device for $299 for the 16 GB version or $349 for the 64 GB version. Considering it is a good-looking phone with a decent configuration and open source software, One Plus One has become one of the most desired devices on the market.

It can be purchased on invitation only, and an invitation can be won by commenting on OnePlus forum, entering contests and promotions regarding the device or engaging with the social media team responsible for the device. People who buy their phone can afterwards send invites to their friends as well. Although the limited production number has created frustration among customers, One Plus One remains one of the most desired devices of the period.


TWRP support for One Plus One (codename Bacon)

One Plus One is now ready to support TWRP, the custom recovery used to flash ROMs and ZIP files and backup devices. One Plus One remains a pretty expensive device but at least after you buy it (if you’re lucky) you can tinker with its software safely at your own peril.

Developers or modders in general already know they NEED TWRP if they intend on getting their hands dirty with their devices. The device codename is Bacon – what can be juicier, right? – and it can be flashed through fastbot if the user has an unlocked bootloader.

Sadly, not many Android lovers will get a One Plus One that fast, since the devices can be bought only through invitation ( very hard to get invitations!)