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LG G4 available for pre-oder on Verizon along with a G Pad X8.3 tablet

After being announced and available for pre-order on Sprint, LG G4 is getting the same treatment for Verizon. Starting tomorrow, May 28th, Verizon will start allowing preorders for LG’s 2015 flagship with the device showing its face starting June 4th. Apart from the G4, you will also be able to get a brand new Verizon-branded LG G Pad X8.3.




The G4 will sell for $549.99 for 24 payments of $22.91 each. Verizon is doing a promo bundle as well where you get a free 32GB microSD card with your brand new device along with a battery and charging cradle. This US carrier has exclusive rights on the white plastic version of the device, so if you really want it in this fashion, you will have to make up your mind with Verizon.


G Pad X8.3 is a mid-range tablet that sells for only $299.99. The official page doesn’t list any specs but considering the price, we can say it will sport a 1.5 GHz octa-core processor with 16GB of storage, plus a 1080p screen and a handy 4800 mAh battery to power it all. If you buy it with a G4, you also get a deal with the tablet: it costs $199.99 on contract but you can get it with $499.99 if you pair it with a phone.


Source: Verizon via AndroidPolice

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AT&T increases data for GoPhone plans starting February 20th

AT&T is trying to spread to more markets with more deals than the competition. Earlier this year, AT&T tried to get more from the Mexico market by buying the third and fifth local largest carriers. Now the carrier announced it enhanced its World Connect Value plans with unlimited calling to the country of Mexico. It appears that it will soon bring this capability to its GoPhone plan.


ATT Gophone


The $45 GoPhone plan is upgraded from 1GB to 1.5GB a month and the bigger $60 GoPhone plan is upgraded from 2.5GB to 4GB. The second plan is the only one supporting unlimited calling to Mexico whereas the first mentioned plan offers unlimited texting to the country south of the US border. These changes will be officially implemented starting February 20th.

GoPhone is AT&T’s prepaid mobile brand where customers can buy a phone or come with their own phones and pay only for the service they want. SIM cards can be found online and in some department stores.

Source: ATT


LG G Flex 2 to be sold by AT&T and Sprint in the first quarter of 2015

LG G Flex 2 is getting on US carrier offers soon, as AT&T and Sprint promise their customers just hours after the official unveiling of the new device.


LG GFlex 2



The phone presented HERE has a Snapdragon 810 processor with a 13 MP camera, a 5.5” curved body and a self-healing case and it will be available for purchase sometime at the end of Q1 in 2015, at least on Sprint. They will exclusively sell the volcano red color. You can even pre-register for one HERE!

AT&T announced it will sell the G Flex 2 as well, but there are fewer details known at the moment. On the landing page you can only see the Flex 2 as coming soon.

Verizon and T Mobile have not made any announcements regarding their availability for the LG device as of yet.

Source: Sprint, AT&T

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Sprint offers to port and cut AT&T and Verizon wireless plans in half starting December 5th

Sprint is working on getting an upper hand on other US carriers and it launches a plan that will steal lots and lots of customers from others and bring them to Sprint! Instead of continuing its quarrel with T Mobile, it is setting its eyes on AT&T and Verizon Wireless and, starting December 5th, it is offering to cut down customers’ previous wireless bills in half. This means that, if your old carrier was charging your wireless bill $100 a month, print would cut your contract to $50 if you port to them.


Sprint is paying up to $350 to buy your existing contract from another carrier, and it will match your previous data allowance too! In order to get started, all you have to do is head over to starting this Friday and upload a copy of your current bill. You can also bring a copy of your bill with your existing phone to a Sprint store, where a store representative will select the service plan that corresponds best to your existing data plan. Now comes the bad part of this seemingly perfect deal: you will be getting a new phone that you will have to pay for upfront or through a leasing plan because Sprint is not going EVERYTHING for you.


Below you can see the actual Sprint press release:

Sprint’s Offer: Cut Your Wireless Bill in Half Event

Offer to Verizon and AT&T customers – bring your wireless bill to Sprint and we’ll cut your rate plan in half

Plus – Sprint will buy out your contract up to $350 per line

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (BUSINESS WIRE), December 02, 2014 – In an unprecedented move, Sprint (NYSE: S) today announced it will cut in half the monthly rate plan for Verizon and AT&T customers who switch to Sprint beginning Friday, Dec. 5. With the Cut Your Bill in Half Event, Sprint will provide unlimited talk and text to anywhere in the U.S. while on the Sprint network – regardless of a customer’s current plan – and match the customer’s data allowance for half the cost they are currently paying for their monthly rate plan.

“The Cut Your Bill in Half Event clearly demonstrates that Sprint delivers the best value in wireless,” said Marcelo Claure, CEO, Sprint. “It’s as simple as this: Bring Sprint your Verizon or AT&T bill along with your phone and we’ll cut your rate plan in half. That’s a 50 percent savings on your rate plan every month. And this great deal is not just a promotion. This will be the customer’s ongoing price.”

Beginning Friday, Dec. 5, Verizon and AT&T customers switching to Sprint need to follow these simple steps to take advantage of this limited-time offer:

  1. Visit to upload a copy of your current bill.
  2. Bring a copy of your latest bill and all of the phones on your Verizon or AT&T account to turn in to your Sprint store.
  3. A Sprint representative will select the service plan that most closely matches the data allowance in your current monthly rate plan.
  4. Get your new phone with one of our leasing options, Sprint Easy Pay(SM) installment billing, or pay full retail price for the device.

Customers also may take advantage of the Cut Your Bill in Half Event via For more information visit

Additionally through this offer, Verizon and AT&T customers on a contract are eligible to save even more. Sprint will pay up to $350 per line via a Visa® Prepaid Card for their early termination fee or installment bill balance when they switch. Once a customer has received the final bill from the other carrier, he or she may simply register for the Visa Prepaid Card at

The half-off rate from Sprint will be based on the monthly voice, text and data rate plan charge for all lines on the customer’s Verizon or AT&T bill. For example, Verizon customers paying $140/month for four lines of service to share can get four lines of service from Sprint for $70/month. Customers are entitled to the half-off rate as long as they remain on the plan.

The Sprint 4G LTE network serves more than 540 cities, making it easy for customers to enjoy data on their devices.

Source: Sprint

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Verizon launches exclusive Ellipsis 8 tablet – see what it’s made of and what you could pay for it here!

Verizon just launched another rebranded tablet in the form of Ellipsis 8, an over-branded device at a small price. The device has an 8-inch HD display and it does not excel at the hardware department, but what do you really expect from a device with a $249.99 price tag?

The tablet has an unnamed processor with probably 1 GB of RAM, a 5 MP camera and a large 5000 mAh battery to make it last around 14 hours, as Verizon says.



The Ellipsis 8 is XLTE ready and it doubles Verizon 4G LTE bandwidth in cities all over the US.

You can already buy Verizon’s device on various offers or at full price. It will cost you $249.99 full price, or you can pair it with a 2-year contract for $149.99. Of course, you can choose Verizon EDGE, where you will pay $10.41 a month for two years.

Source: Verizon


Galaxy Mega 2 in AT&T offer starting October 24

Galaxy Mega 2 will be coming to AT&T on October 24th, and its price might amaze you. The market may be full of phablets, but then there’s  this big chunk of tech! This device is larger than even the Note 3, and it presents itself as an option for potential customers who want something big without paying a ton of money for it.

AT&T announced it will get Galaxy Mega 2 in its offer starting October 24 for $149.99 with a two-year contract or $475 off contract. This means that, if you choose a contract or purchase it through an existing contract, you would pay around $23.75 a month with Next 12 or $19.80 per month with Next 18.


Galaxy Mega 2


This entire year was full of devices that bragged about being a bit bigger than their last year counterparts, but in Mega 2’s case, the size is a downgrade. It had a 6.2” display last year, but the 2014 version slimmed down to just less than 6”. Resolution remains HD at 720 x 1280p, and the primary camera still has an 8 MP sensor.

Hardware speaking, Mega 2 has little updates to the 2013 model, retaining the quad-core processor and downgrading its battery to 2800 mAh.  Its design is completely changed though, as the device now has squared-off corners and faux-leather back, which makes it look much more like the current Galaxy devices.

Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 does not compete with the flagships of 2014, but is not a shabby device to look at and use, especially if you want a phablet at a smartphone price!

Source: About ATT


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