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AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and 4 get Android 5.0 today!

AT&T is giving some of its customers a nice update today. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Note 4 are getting updates to Android 5.0.


ATT Galaxy Note 4


Note 3 is getting to build number N900AUCUEOC1 and its update is 1.2GB of data you can download only via WiFi on Ma Bell. This version gets no additional features except for the usual Lollipop shebang, and it may take a few days to show up on your notification bar.

The Note 4 is also getting the usual Android 5.0 experience plus a few other things:

Service additions:

  • Reactivation lock
  • Find my mobile

Reactivation lock

Stability improvements.

Source: AT&T


Samsung Galaxy S6 will have two variants – one flat and one curved – new reports say

Samsung Galaxy S6 will be announced next month at MWC and it appears that it will come in two design options: one curved and one not curved. Bloomberg reports that the latest Samsung flagship will have a Note Edge-style curved screen with not one but two edge displays.


Samsung Galaxy Note edge


It appears that both Galaxy S6 versions will have a 5.1” display while the curved device will have edged and rounded displays on the right and left sides apparently. SamMobile says that the curve will be much gentler than the Galaxy Edge in order to allow side-mounted volume and power controls to be applied.

The new Samsung flagship will also have a metallic frame, which was a given considering Galaxy Alpha, Note 4, Note Edge and other similar devices launched in the last six months have all had metal frames.

Samsung is also taking a chance on its own processors after dumping Qualcomm earlier last year, a move that made Qualcomm eager to defend its products. The overheating issues of Snapdragon 810 in tests made Samsung use its next-gen Exynos chips on all Samsung Galaxy S6 devices. Even if most customers will see no difference, it appears that Exynos is on par with Qualcomm’s most recent iterations as Exynos 7420 seems to be a better choice compared to Qualcomm’s Krait ARMv7 CPUs that really need a core architecture redesign.

Samsung is also coming back strong on a much more competitive market as Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have taken over the global market in offering their phablet-like experience on a slim device. Lenovo and Xiaomi are also rising on the Chinese market – the most profitable medium of business at the moment – and offer their own Android experiences. This means that Samsung’s position as the king of the Android world is slowly declining as reports say the company’s net income plunged 27% to 5.29 trillion won in the fourth quarter.

Samsung Galaxy S6 will most likely be unveiled on March 1st at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona so stay tuned for more info soon!

Source: Bloomberg via AndroidPolice

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US Cellular Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 3, and Note 4 OTA with updated camera app and a new dialer

US Cellular Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 3, and Note 4 are getting a new OTA with a new dialer and an updates camera app, among others. The devices are getting an updated build of KitKat which brings them to Android 4.4.2.


Samsung S5


Some of the changes are specifically made for Google-related services, including the ability to search for nearby places and businesses, contacts, or people in the Google apps domain. This OTA brings about Hangouts with SMS integration. The OK Google hotword detection will be enabled by default in Google Search. The camera app for the phones has touch-to-focus option with enhanced controls when it comes to exposure and focus. The new built-in Google Keyboard is also included and it presents new emojis to go with it.

The update will roll out in stages and if your US Cellular hasn’t received the update yet, do not fret, it will soon. The updates should be around 100 MB for each device. Samsung Galaxy S5 gets to version G900R4VXU1ANK1, Note 3 goes to N900R4TYUCNG5 and Note 4 gets version N910R4TYU1ANK5.

In case your devices are rooted, expect some lost root permissions and failed flashes.

Source: Samsung

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AT&T’s Galaxy Note 4 gets OTA update with Chinese language support

AT&T’s Galaxy Note 4 is getting an update today, and we are seeing a new build and no changelog yet. The new build is AUCU1BNK3 and the package is 233.7 MB in size.


Note4 update



Most of the update is the Chinese language support that Samsung has been adding to most of its devices in the USA over these last few months. Another update is Evernote’s bundled bloatware, and more bug fixes and optimizations can also be spotted.


Source: AndroidPolice

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T Mobile and Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 4 get TWRP support

TWRP custom recovery is now available for two Samsung Galaxy Note 4 versions. We’re talking about the T Mobile and Sprint versions, which can now be modded at your leisure as long as you use the best custom recovery around. Even if not all Note 4 variants are getting their own rite of passage recovery software, two of the most important US carrier models are getting theirs.

The installation files are already posted for the aforementioned versions and, considering these carriers are not very strict when it comes to bootloader locking, all is well. You can use a flashable ZIP, the DD ADB method or Odin to install the custom recovery. If your version is not yet supported, check back later as you may be in luck.

As always, be careful and proceed at your own risk. You are baking a Note 4 device worth $800.

Source: TWRP


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Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus available soon – better processor, same look to the existing S5

Samsung recently posted the page for its better and more improved Galaxy S5! What could a Galaxy S5 need more out of life? You can always do with more power, right? Right?

Samsung seems to know this and it reacted accordingly by creating Galaxy S5 Plus, a variant of the primary flagship that includes a better Snapdragon 805 processor that replaces the 801 version found in all S5 variants.



The first Samsung Galaxy S5 was released earlier this year in Singapore and it does sport a quad-core Snapdragon 805 clocked at 2.5 GHz, which is a little slower than the chip found in the new Note 4. It appears that the South-Koreans are looking to expand their device to more viable markets.

Galaxy 5 Plus presents this singular upgrade it seems, as the rest of its specs remain the same. The new specs will be able to support LTE speeds up to 225Mbps, but you won’t really find that anywhere yet.

Source: Samsung


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