Nexus 6 official render leaked, courtesy of @evleaks

Nexus 6 shows up in first official rendering courtesy of @evleaks. Even if Evan Blass has retired from leaking, it doesn’t mean he completely left his techie leaking days behind. He is responsible for leaking the first official render of the moment’s most expected device and he seems happy about it.


Nexus 6



There seem to be a few differences all over the place but Nexus 6 looks much like previous  unofficial renders. The image seems legit enough and, considering Nexus 6 will launch sooner rather than later, we must prepare ourselves!

Source: Twitter


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Android L dessert casting underway; new ads and mottos released

Google’s newest OS, Android L, is going through casting sessions as we speak! The legit announcement comes from Youtube itself and from Twittah, as Android chief Sundar Pichai recently tweeted out a video where lots of desserts are auditioning to become the next Android star (dessert)!


The mystery of Android’s dessert name remains one of the most “pressing” matters of the hour, and the competition seems to be closer than ever as Lemon Pie, Lava Cake and even Oreo are trying their best in becoming the world’s most popular nickname of the tech world for the following year or so.



In just a few days we are sure to find out the codename of Android L, as its official launch is almost upon us. Apart from releasing this little amusing piece of advertisement, Google launched some new slogans and another Android ad you can see below.

#NexusWarriors are gathering to storm the Internet as soon as the new Android version is official and they will surely spread the word about Nexus 6 and Nexus 9’s feats of strength.

Google’s new slogan is “Be Together, Not the Same.” And it seems that Nexus 6 made an appearance as well! Google is trying to point out that all people are different and have different taste. There are, of course, phones big or small enough for everyone, and the following ad shows this in full.


Source: Youtube

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Motorola’s next Nexus leaked again – Shamu gets new Google kernel; could it be the next Nexus?

Shamu may be Motorola’s next Nexus phone as it transpires in a new leaked photo. The device is said to be a large handset with an impressive hardware construction similar to another new device from Motorola codenamed Quark. The device is said to release sometime in November.

No details are disclosed yet and all we can see is the blurred screen with some general settings. The device seems constant to other leaks and it presents the corner curves Moto X has and the distinct navigation buttons.

The device seems to run on Android L OS and even if the baseband remains unknown, we can see it is running on Google-made kernel built in Mountain View ([email protected]), which is two months newer than the previous leaked version of Shamu. The kernel is pretty important because we can see it is a direct update coming from Google, which means it is possibly a Google product.

Source: AndroidPolice

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Nexus 9 keyboard surfaces as it passes through NCC certification

The next Nexus 9 tablet is a HTC Volantis device whose keyboard has been surfaced recently in a few photos just as the device is passing through NCC certification. The model number is UG0B and it matches the number leaked before regarding the device.


HTC Nexus 9 keyboard 2

HTC Nexus 9 keyboard 3


From the photos it appears there are two keyboard variants in testing, which show some similarities and some striking differences as well. From the photos we can’t comprehend the charging mechanism yet, but speculations are that the accessory will charge via a hinge between the flap/folding stand and the keyboard.

Source Chinese VR Zone

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News Updates/Software

Android L Preview fix – 14 closed bugs to be patched in the next public release

Android L Preview fixes 14 bugs that will be patched in the next public release. The biggest beta test in Android’s history is taking its course on Nexus devices and developing to become the next big OS in the history of the most popular operating system in the world.

Android L is being worked on hard and fast in order to become reality sooner rather than later. The release date is approaching fast as sources say, because it will most probably be launched at the end of 2014. Some of the biggest and most important bugs of the OS are finally being patched, including Nexus’s inability to send or receive MMS messages through Hangouts app. This bug happens only on AT&T and T Mobile devices at the moment.

Android L Fixes


Apart from this bug, other 13 bugs have been fixed in the last day and they will be added in the release build. Among the fixes you will find:

  • Missing emoji
  • Dialpad no. 7 replaced with S
  • Lockscreen hangs
  • Lack of notifications
  • Wi Fi Proxy setting resets after disconnect
  • Local HTML 5 audio files don’t play in Android Webview.

Hundreds of other bugs are still waiting to be fixed before Android L’s launch.

The public release date of Android’s newest OS is still a mystery, as well as its official (savory) name. Considering that Google is usually showing new developer phones around October and November, we are bound to find out more in the next couple of months. Stay tuned for more delicious news!

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Google close to shutting down Nexus Family; Silver program to launch soon

Google will kill off its Nexus program used to be just a rumor, but now things show it is closer to reality than ever. A new program will take its place and it will be called Silver, as rumors say. Google is trying to take control of Android in what concerns the software side and this means Google wants less bloatware and faster updates on products.

The Silver program will allow five devices to carry the Silver branding and they will be sold in carrier stores at special prices and not on Google Play. Google hopes it will expand its project into creating Sliver boots in carrier stores with trained staff, which will increase the chances of customers migrating over to Silver products.

Silver handsets could feature important apps such as lost phone app suites, loaner phone programs or 24×7 support over Hangouts.

Nexus 5, source John Karakatsanis/Flickr
Nexus 5, source John Karakatsanis/Flickr

Phones selected by Google will run close-to-stock Android OS, which means a good thing if we take into consideration the fact that the already loved Nexus line is going away and most of the popular phones have changed UIs and OS. Apart from taking Nexus down, Google will be paying for the hardware partners, including promotion and getting the said devices in carrier stores.

LG and Motorola are closest to sealing such a deal with Sony, Samsung and HTC still on the line to join. There is no launch date rumored yet.