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[Deal of the day] Celebrate Valentine’s Day with two discounted Moto Droid Turbo 2 on Verizon!

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast and if you have a significant other you may already be sweating and worrying about what the best gift for the occasion is. Put those flowers and chocolates away, because tech is the gift of the future. Or so thinks Motorola because it just made the best deal possible for you!


In this age of consumerism, why not change things a bit and give up on the proverbial “love” gifts in exchange for matching smartphones? You can now get Two Motorola Droid Turbo 2 phones from Motorola/Verizon at half the price! Isn’t that pure love?



In order to be eligible for this deal you have to buy a Droid Turbo 2 that you can pair with a duplicate device or with a Maxx 2 phone. You can get them as stock devices from Verizon or you can spice them up a bit in the Moto Maker. Most people will just chose two Turbo 2 devices, and not as much for the matching brand, but for the sake of saving $300, and not less than $200 for a cheaper device.


In order to be eligible for this deal you have to keep in mind that you must activate your phone on Verizon. The promotion does not have an end date at the moment, but expect it to be over after Valentine’s day.


Source: Verizon


News Updates/Software

Moto Maxx Motorola gets Android 5.1.1 kernel source released

Motorola just released the Android 5.1.1 kernel source for its Moto Maxx device. Now, it’s time for you tinkers, modders and developers out there to do your magic on this device. You can find the kernel files on GitHub where they are hidden under the codename Quark next to other Motorola devices that got the treatment in the past.


Moto Maxx


General, less-knowledgeable users can also download the files but they will probably do nothing with them. Us lay people will not be as successful in using kernel source files anyway.


Moto Maxx kernel



If you didn’t already know, Droid Moto Maxx is a DROID Turbo device sold by other carriers and that is not available in the US, at least not via carriers.


Source: GitHub via AndroidPolice

News Updates/Software

Motorola Lollipop soak tests for Moto E in India and Brasil, for Moto Maxx in Brasil and Mexico

Motorola is getting Lollipop updates as we speak but before getting there for everyone, it still needs to be tested in select markets. Moto G 2nd generation and Moto X 2014 are already Lollipop sweetened, and Moto E and Moto Maxx are close to getting theirs. First, they have to pass the soak test already on its way to retail-bought devices in Brazil and India for Moto E and Brazil and Mexico markets for Moto Maxx.




Those who fit the bill are already seeing the OTA notification on their device and they can also click on the Check for Updates button until they get their desired result. Remember that not all Motorola devices get into soak test groups, so you can try to join in on the fun whenever it gets to the country you are in.


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Source: Motorola blog