[Discount of the day] Minecraft Story Mode episode one on Google Play for $0.10!

The hour of presents and discounts has come just before the holidays and now you can buy yourself a Minecraft Story Mode first episode for only 10 cents! Telltale Games have made a reputation of bringing interesting and unique story-driven adventures to life, where players can influence their experience via the choices they make.   […]

Minecraft: Story Mode new trailer; official launch on October 15

There’s a new trailer for Minecraft: Story Mode out there and you can check it out below. What does this new promotional material offer us? More detail about the game itself, about the story and what to expect from this new experience. The block-built land is ravaged by a magical and ancient evil and you, […]

Minecraft: Story Mode goes live in mid-October!

Minecraft: Story Mode will go live in episodes, as Telltale Games has already accustomed us with its previous hits The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. The news of a mashup between Mojang and TellTale in the production of a story-driven game made every fan of the game giggle and hype. Now we know exactly […]

Minecraft Pocket Edition gets update with new and fun features!

Minecraft Pocket Edition just received an update! This little PC hit quickly spread throughout the gaming world in recent years – be it console, PC or mobile gaming – and it has also become subject to many jokes from mainstream gamers all over the world. Pocket Edition became a little hit on its own, especially […]

Minecraft gets story mode for consoles, computers and mobile devices in 2015

Minecraft’s story mode is just around the corner and it reaches the Android world in 2015. Mojang and Telltale Games have teamed up to give the ultimate cubic sandbox the story it never had.   Telltale games is known for creating stories that people love, which means there’s a big chance the same will happen […]

Minecraft PE update: foggier fog and watery-er water at the same price!

Minecraft’s most recent update just hit the game and it is the first big change since Microsoft bought Mojang for no less than $2.5 billion. The Pocket Edition is still on Google Play, you can still buy it and of course you will be getting more nice updates in the future. The most recent one […]