Blackberry Venice renders leaked – a curved screen Android Blackberry smartphone?

Blackberry Venice is reportedly on the way and it is powered by Android and not the proprietary OS that the Canadian company has used so far. This could mean an important step in Blackberry’s attempt at getting back to the relevant smartphone market or it could be another downfall eased by the team up with competitor Android.


Blackberry Venice



Some new render leaks made their appearance as well, and they show a strikingly similar curved display to that of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. It is possible that Samsung sold their AMOLED technology or LG may have been responsible with making this display.


Blackberry Blackberry chromecast




The leaks provided for the Blackberry Venice Android phone also mention Chromecast support and streaming to other devices plus the look of the Blackberry hub on top of the Lollipop OS. The pictures also show a possibly 18MP rear camera with a seven layer lens.


Possible specs for Blackberry Venice Android phone:

  • 4” QHD display
  • Hexa-core Snapdragon 808 SoC
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 18MP rear camera plus 5MP front camera.


Blackberry sensor



The smartphone will be heading to AT&T and T-Mobile, at least on the US market, which means they may be somewhat exclusive to these carriers only. These renders have no clear production date, which can also mean that the final product may look more or less as depicted above. We can still hope it will be a glorious device though, right? Right?


Source: Crackberry

News Updates/Software

Samsung Galaxy S4 from US Cellular gets update to Android Lollipop

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S4 from US Cellular you should check that Update button now, if you haven’t already received the notification. Lollipop is finally upon the S4 as well, at least for US Cellular owners.


Samsung Galaxy S4


This update brings the device to Android 5.0 and version number R970TYUGOE2. You will either see the OTA on your device or you can get it through Samsung Kies via your computer. In order to update your Samsung Galaxy S4, you can follow the instructions you will find in the image below:


Samsung S4 US Cellular update


Happy flashing, folks!

Source: US Cellular

News Updates/Software

Verizon gives small update to Samsung Galaxy S5 – see what it’s all about here!

Verizon is getting out a small update to Samsung Galaxy S5 where the device will be in receipt of some new little features. This little change will not make anything feel that much different, albeit for an app or two.





Didn’t you want GALAXY apps on your device? No? Well, you’re getting them anyway because now they will be auto-installed on your smartphone. It is a newer rebranded version of Samsung apps with more apps for selection this time.




The other update is the fingerprint scanner which can now be used to unlock your phone when you get a Microsoft Exchange account as device administrator too.

Samsung owners are still waiting for Android 5.1 on their devices and we will keep you posted on their progress as it happens.

Source: AndroidPolice

News Updates/Software

OnePlus does not update OxygenOS soon, but Cyanogen OS tests Android 5.1 build

OxygenOS will not get its Android 5.1 update until the OnePlus 2 is released, but the new Cyanogen OS will be coming much sooner. After the rather violent and unexpected breakup between OnePlus and Cyanogen Inc., the former managed to release its own Oxygen OS ROM for those who already bought their devices, but their updates will be coming slow, new reports suggest.




The OnePlus 2 has not shown its face so far, but it has been officially mentioned a few times, which can only make its descent closer and closer with every passing day. This will be the first device to operate solely on OxygenOS. A new build of the ROM will come live soon and this should fix the touchscreen issue OnePlus One users have been having, but don’t expect a bump in the version number.

On the other hand, Cyanogen is moving along with the tests of Cyanogen OS 12.1 – Android 5.1 version – and it is waiting for Google certifications. The OS should be available for download “Soon”.

Note: do not confuse Cyanogen OS with CyanogenMod, the open source ROM we all love.

Source: OnePlus

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T Mobile’s Sony Xperia Z3 gets OTA to Lollipop plus a few nice tweaks from the carrier

Sony Xperia Z3  from T Mobile is finally getting its own OTA to Lollipop and it gets something more thrown in the mix too! T Mobile’s customized Xperia Z3 is getting to Android 5.0 and it’s helped by a feature allowing enabling access to band 12, a 700MHz LTE band the US carrier has been using since the beginning of 2015.


Xperia z3


Apart from getting to Lollipop, the Z3 is also getting the band 12 support and minor VoLTE improvements and device stability fixes. The OTA is getting out there in waves, so it may take a few days to get yours if you have such a device from T Mobile. This change brings the device to build number 23.1.C.0.385 and it comes exclusively over Wi-Fi connections, therefore you can check your Sony PC Companion Windows program if you want to manually upgrade.

Remember: any root or recovery mods will most likely make the update fail, and after updating, any changes will make the phone ineligible for updates.

Source: T Mobile

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 from Verizon gets OTA to Lollipop

Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 recently got its update to Android Lollipop via an OTA. The device is finally getting its update to Android 5.0.2 and it gets to software version T707VVRU1BOD4.




Even if this may not be the most exciting news ever – what with Android M news abounding and all – it shows that older or cheaper devices have not been completely forgotten and they are getting support.

There are still thousands of devices out there on the market that would love an update to Lollipop and few of them will get theirs before the launch of the newest Google-branded OS so this is good news.

Source: Samsung via AndroidPolice