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Burger King gives free smartphones on-contract for promoting its new app

Burger King is taking over the world, including the virtual side of things! In order to promote its new application, Burger King is trying the smartphone retail market as well. On its website, customers can buy mid-level smartphones for free if they get a contract too, just don’t expect spectacular devices.

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At the moment, the offer includes Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One E8, LG G3 Vigor, LG G2 and One Remix. The devices are available for purchase on-contract on some US carriers including Sprint and Verizon. This is a very interesting move on Burger King’s part; all we can ask ourselves now is if we’d like a Coke light with that.

Source: Droid-life

News Updates/Software

T Mobile’s LG G2 gets minor update with Gogo Inflight SMS support

T Mobile’s LG G2 is receiving an update, and we’re still not talking about the Lollipop design. The update will be most helpful to owners who like to travel a lot, because it gets Gogo Inflight Texting support. This means that users will be able to keep in contact with their loved ones on the ground and they will not have to pay anything extra either.


Visual voicemail is included. The sad part is that the option is only available for Gogo-enabled flights. If the plane used is not equipped properly the option will not function and you should leave it on airplane mode.


This update brings the G2 at version number D80120g and you will need around 308 MB of space to download. Suffice it to say you should get a Wi-Fi connection first.


Source: T Mobile


Sprint’s LG G2 gets OTA update – Knock Back system implemented

Sprint’s LG G2 is getting an OTA update that includes support for LG’s own knock code security system. The said system allows users to tap the screen while the phone is asleep in order to wake it up instantly by pressing certain areas on the screen.

The first device to get the Knock Code system was LG G Pro 2, and now LG G2 from Sprint has the same directive implanted in its system. The update began rolling out today and it will be implemented in stages. In case you don’t get it immediately, wait for a day or two for the roll to take effect.

Knock Code is the only thing listed on the changelog but the Sprint version of LG G2 already has LTE support and has the KitKat OS update as well.

Source: Sprint

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