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CyanogenMod support for four LG devices, including LG G3 S

The CyanogenMod Team keeps expanding its supported device roster by the day. If you have an LG device and the most recent supported version of Android does not please you, you now have an alternative – depending on what device you own, of course.


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The newest nightly builds from CM are compatible with LG G3 S, LG Optimus L70, LG G2 Mini and LG G3 Beat. All of the builds are CyanogenMod 13 (based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow) and they are currently available for download and flashing.


Three devices have two nightly builds and LG G2 Mini has only one. The LG G3 S is codenamed “jag3gds” on the download page. It is a smaller and cheaper version of the G3 flagship from last year.


G3 Beat is an alternative name for the G3 S, used when sold on some territories (it has the codename “jagnm”).


LG G2 Mini is the mini version of LG G2 – the LG flagship for 2013 – and it bears the codename “g2m”. Optimus L70 is one of the low-cost entry-level smartphones on the market and it has the code name “w5”.


You have to prepare for some instability with these nightly builds and some bugs may also pop up if you are unlucky. You will need a latest version of the Gapps ZIP package if you want to get access to the Google Play Store and additional Google services.


Source: CyanogenMod LG G2 Mini, Optimus L70, LG G3 S, LG G3 Beat



LG G4 confirmed for the LG event held on April 28th

LG’s newest flagship, LG G4, will be launched at the event held on April 28th as they confirmed today via invites to the press. Today is also the day when its previously disclosed name was confirmed along with the new camera with f/1.8 aperture lens and the new software named LG UX 4.0.




The new LG flagship comes a year after LG G3, which was received very well last year because of its spec list with a high-resolution display that sadly didn’t manage to live up to real-world expectations.



We will have to wait a few more weeks before we find out if this device’s execution is better than the previous model and if it will live up to expectations.

Source: Theverge


New LG G4 render shows up on Twitter – see what the new LG flagship may look like

LG G4 render made its appearance on Twitter today, and it appears that the new wave of leaks has already begun. @OnLeaks, the account created by the owner of, is responsible for this leak, and since they were right about the HTC One M9, they could be right about this one too.


LG G4 leak


Some details regarding the device have surfaced thanks to the same source, and it appears that LG’s new flagship will have the following dimensions 148.9 x 76.5 x 9.9mm and its back will be removable. The smartphone keeps its main design features, including the back buttons. It’s a given fact that, usually, manufacturers don’t change that much on their devices year after year in order to preserve their established brand and to minimize costs.

We will find out soon if this leak is real or not, but be prepared to see many many for these following weeks.



LG G3 promo photos leaked on Twitter

LG G3 will be launched soon but until then photos of the new flagship keep making their way to the public. EVLeaks launched three more rendered promotional photos for the new device in which the screen is lit and we can see 1 lockscreen wallpaper so far. The display seems large enough and has a tiny bezel.

LG G3 will be available in three colors it seems: White, Gold and Grey to be specific. One interesting piece of information is the EVLeaks tweet in which we find out that the mysterious sensor on the back of the device is a laser sensor used in auto focus when the camera is used. The laser allows keeping both hands on the device during focusing so that the user doesn’t need to tap on the display to focus his device.

On May 27 we will find out more about the LG flagship and we will be able to see it in its entire splendor and pre-purchase it as well. Stay tuned for the LG event in London!