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[Giveaway alert] Huawei and AndroidPolice are giving away 10 Talkbands B2

Big news, everyone! Huawei and Android Police are making a giveaway where you can get a Huawei TalkBand B2 for free. Free stuff is great, right? 10 new yet-to-be-released fitness and wireless earpiece gadgets are being given away, but they will be won by US citizens only. The TalkBand B2 was designed to support both iOS and Android devices, which means everyone should want one.


Huawei talkband b2


The B2 has a monochrome display area that looks stunning, but you also get versatility because you can wear the band on the wrist as a fitness tracker or in your ear as a Bluetooth device. It allows users to track their activities and quickly respond to hands-free voice calls. It also springs some notifications from your phones just like a smartwatch. Of course, is also displays the time.

If you want to get your grubby little hands on a TalkBand B2 before anyone else in the US, you will have to visit the AndroidPolice source link below and enter the Rafflecopter widget. You can also go to the Huawei Community and sign up for another chance at winning a B2 band.

Source: AndroidPolice


Google may have finished working on Android Wear iOS compatibility, rumors say

According to some media sources like The Verge, Google is almost done working on adding iOS support to Android Wear. The Apple Watch is coming live in a few days and this may be seen as a strong move from Google trying to get more of the market, extending to the non-native Android devices out there. On the off hand, Apple may attempt to block Wear apps after launch.


Apple watch


The Android Wear on iOS will use Google’s apps and services in order to create the same medium as Android Wear devices. There should be voice search, Google Now cards and reply functionality for G mail. iOS app notifications are also pulled via the companion app.

At the moment Pebble is one of the most known smartwatches that supports both Apple and Android but it is more of an accessory than competition. Neither Apple nor Google mentioned anything regarding this rumor.

Source: The Verge

Accessories News

The Apple Watch: specs, price, launch date and availability

The Apple Watch was just officially unveiled and now we know when it comes live! It will be purchasable starting April 24th and its starting price will be $349. The top of the line models will be much much much more expensive however, reaching up to $10,000 and beyond.


Apple watch


The low-end model named Apple Watch Sport is clad in aluminum and its price starts at $349 for the 38mm model and $399 for the 42mm model.

All we know regarding specs is that the battery lasts a day at most, the screen has 390 x 312p for the 42mm version and 340 x 272p for the 38mm model. The straps choices include plastic, leather and metal.





Apple Watch will support Siri, it will monitor calories burnt, heart rate and steps taken and it could include the HomeKit framework that allows users to control certain parts of their home, in this case lights.

There’s also a stainless steel model with prices ranging $549 – $599. That’s not all, because the price can rise up to $1,049 – $1,099 depending on the band you choose.

The top of the line is the 18-karat gold Apple Watch whose price starts at $10,000. This version will only be available in select retail stores.



Apple’s smartwatch will begin pre-orders on April 20th and April 10th marks the day you can go to Apple stores and try the Watch on. Sales will begin in the US, China, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Japan, Germany and Hong Kong. After it officially goes on sale, you may be able to find it in some department stores and boutiques as well.

Source:  TheVerge

Accessories News

MOTA SmartRing – the first viable smart-ring reached its $100k goal on Indiegogo

We have laptops, tablets, phablets, smartphones and smartwatches, so what’s the next step? The smart ring of course! MOTA SmartRing is the first prototype of a viable ring that brings the notifications you are always seeking at your fingertips… literally!




The high-tech accessory began its Indiegogo campaign in June 2014, and now it managed to reach its $100k goal by pledging just 1000 Bluetooth-connected rings and around 300 t-shirts. One such device is sold for at least $60, which is not much considering the hardware bits used in creating it. But it is all just a prototype so far. The actual devices will begin shipping in May 2015… hopefully.


Mota fashion


MOTA SmartRing is a fashionable (or not) piece of hardware that just spends time on your finger and feeds you short notifications from your favorite social media apps after you connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It appears to show who is calling you, how you can read your text messages or how you receive your discreet network alerts wherever you are.



The SmartRing is compatible with Android and iOS devices, has a unisex design and a small touchscreen you can customize to vibrate whenever you receive VIP notifications for example. It supports swiping on its little LED screen, presents its own menu system and can be charged wirelessly. Last, but not least, the little accessory is water resistant.


Mota stealth


The images show a workable prototype with little social media knowledge, despite its purpose. You have only five more days to claim your own on the Indiegogo page or on MOTA’s independent website, so head on over there and at least give it a look. You could be supporting the technology of the future!


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Apps Updates/Software

Baldur’s Gate sequel – Icewind Dale – to become available for Android devices, PCs, iOS and Macs soon

Baldur’s Gate stories and games seem to remain as popular as ever and now, after 14 years, Icewind Dale, the sequel campaign, is getting a re-release itself. The second game in the Dungeons and Dragons series of games is coming to Android tablets, phones and hybrids, and to iOS, Macs and PCs, as announced at PAX this past weekend.

Even if the first game of the series, Baldur’s Gate, has been a popular release, its enhanced edition for Android has only around 50.000 downloads – maybe because the iOS version has been around for much longer and many Android phone and tablet users have an Apple device as well. Baldur’s Gate 2 Enhanced edition has been available for iOS devices since February, but its Android version has not reached the Google Playstore as of yet.

Icewind Dale was originally launched in 2000 and it introduced new stories, a new setting and new real-time battle systems to the already popular Baldur’s Gate. In this game, the user can build up a team of six adventurers to play a campaign and get rid of evil legions which invade the region. The Enhanced edition features a cross-platform multiplayer mode, new classes, spells, armors and weapons.

Beamdog worked closely with Wizards of the Coast to perfect the experience which is now available for pre-order for OC for only $19.99. You can find more information regarding the game (and pre-order the game) at

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Cycada allows iOS apps run on Android systems with ease! Read more about the software revolution below!

A new type of research is promising to create a way in which iOS apps function natively on Android devices as well! Probably Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave just by hearing of this, but the concept is real and happening as we speak! Cycada, or the former Cider, is a compatibility architecture that would allow iOS apps to run on Android without using compatibility layers or heavy virtual machines.

Usually the only way of making an OS’ software run on another OS is through virtualization but the mobile software and hardware architecture is not as stabilized as the PC world and such solutions are difficult to instrument at the moment. A certain emulator-like system entitled WINE (“Wine is not an emulator”) that allows Windows apps to run on Linux systems to some extent. WINE’s developers are trying to implement the Windows API in a revised manner in order to mimic a Windows system on a Linux device.

Cycada has a different utility in the sense that it uses compile-time code adaptation, a system that lets developers build codes meant for other operating systems on Linux, which is in turn Android’s root base without variations. Diplomatic functions replace certain iOS system functions and let apps call similar Android functions instead. Cycada does not reimplement iOS APIs like WINE does on PCs but reuses them to keep things unpretentious.

The Columbia University team lead by Professor Jason Nieh hopes that Cycada will help in the development and implementation of cross-platform standardization. This could mean getting popular iOS apps to run on Android platforms. The system is not yet made public and there is also the problem of Apple retaliation in case the program proves to be viable and easy to implement to the public. 

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