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Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector live on Google Play! Collect ALL the cats!

Cats rule the internet, that is known. Cats are continuously plotting to take over the world, that is also fact! But these little ninjas of darkness are also consistent manipulators that will make your heart melt with a purr. In order to never run out of cats, you can now try the Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector, where you will collect an unlimited arsenal of purring little grateful demons.


Neko Atsume



The game lets you “catch” felines as easy as one, two, win! You get a yard where you can place all sorts of colorful playthings and foods in order to attract felines, you wait for them to visit and that’s pretty much it! You can collect from over 40 varieties of cats that can stop by our garden. You bait them with food and then watch them play with the toys in your garden and that’s it!


You can also try to collect rare felines that might grace you with their presence if you leave the right items around. Once a cat comes to visit you, it is logged in on your Catbook, so you will never forget it! Cats also leave you with gifts when they leave, and they can be silver or niboshi, a type of fish that you can later use as currency to buy more kibble, toys, or extend your garden.




Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector is available for devices running on Android 2.3 and higher, which means pretty much any smartphone out there at the moment. The game is free, but it does have an in-app purchase transaction method that allows you to buy more niboshi. You can switch between Japanese and English language from the game menu. Give the game another look below!



Alphabet company goes live: Google reorganisation is official

Google is officially Alphabet starting today. Google Inc. completed the reorganizational move today and the stocks were part of it as they began to be traded as Alphabet on the Nasdaq. Each share of Google will be converted into Alphabet stock starting today.





The Mountain View, California-based company mentioned that it would create a new company with the aim of overseeing various projects and businesses that could change the world and that differ from the regular Internet-oriented portfolios that Google has been overseeing so far. These new possibilities include self-driving cars and ways to prolong human life.


Changing into Alphabet means that different divisions of Google will now have more independence. Nest takes care of internet-connected home appliances and Calico is researching ways to improve human life and health research.


A result of this reorganisation is the fact that the company will start to report its financial results by segments and not by cumulative results.


Source: Canada


Google building new competitor for WhatsApp, Economic Times of India reports

Economic Times of India reports that Google is building a competitor for WhatsApp that should have a better chance at taking a piece of the market and revenge the failure of Hangouts on PC, tablet and smartphones. It appears that Google is working on an app that combines internet-based communication and SMS in a seamless and unified viable platform that is not Hangouts.

So what’s the difference between this new possible project and Hangouts?

It seems that it wouldn’t need a Google account for validation, which could be a nagging aspect in some emerging markets? It appears that, by removing this urge for creating Google accounts in order to use Hangouts, the new app would be used much more and would manage to compete with the now-paid WhatsApp and Line, as well as other popular applications which activate in the same spectrum with some popularity.

It also appears that the perfect market for testing such a new app is India, and if this project becomes reality, that is where you should be if you wanna be the first to test it! It could happen in the future but don’t keep your hopes up, thing may get shaken soon!

Source: Economic Times of India

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Deals News

T Mobile compromises on prices and gives discount family plan with 10 GB LTE data for $100 starting July 30th

T Mobile is working on giving its customers more affordable Family Plans and it discounted it by providing 10 GB of LTE data every month for $100 starting today! The move comes as a compromise T Mobile is willing to make in order to win AT&T’s and other carriers’ customers with cheaper family plans.

Starting July 30th and until September, customers consisting of families of four for example get around 10GB of data per month for only $100. New customers will get these prices until around 2016. Until now, T Mobile offered 1GB of data at this price for each line but now it is bumped to 2.5 GB of LTE data for each of the four lines, making the discount at around $30 a month.

Customers can bring their own device and not sing a new contract in order to reduce the monthly fees and these rates can be increased if customers decide to pay their subsidized devices faster. The upside is that you get the same T Mobile services for much less than usual, even if the carrier’s coverage in less populated areas is much below the competition. Either way, if you decide to go with the new offer, make sure to calculate all your costs before signing the contract!

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