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RideOn surpasses $75k goal for its Android-powered augmented reality skiing goggles

Did you ever think that skiing is a boring activity that could use some tech spice? Well, it appears that RideOn thought so too and now their Android-powered augmented reality ski goggles are much closer to reality than a month ago because the IndieGogo project managed to surpass its $75k goal.


RideOn ski goggles


These fantastic goggles will project a virtual interface on top of the snow and it will make you see things hovering fifteen feet in front of you. This way, it will produce hoops that you can swoop through or even a map to help you not get lost.



Users will be able to navigate the interface by looking up and focusing their eyesight on different UI elements. For example staring at the map will make the map bigger and bring it in front of your eyes.

The goggles also contain a camera you can tape your adventures with GoPro style.



The goggles had a $75,000 goal, which is a little low for hardware production to be honest. But the product looks pretty good at the moment, in its final stages of production it seems. Those who are interested in it will have to take $519 out of their pocket and this is a discount price for the retail $899 people will have to pay later, as RideOn says.


RideOn Augmented


The goggles are expected to ship somewhere starting September 2015.

Source: Rideon Indiegogo

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Skully Android-Powered Motorcycle Helmet quadruples its Indiegogo goal in 3 days!

How about an Android-Powered Motorcycle Helmet, folks? Android seems to get thrown pretty much anywhere these days, from TVs to refrigerators, ovens or security cameras, and now it has reached helmets too! The Skully AR-1 motorcycle helmet is one of the better options you can choose to support and it seems that more and more people have chosen to fund this ingenious project.

To put it simply, it’s a smart helmet that is supposed to keep riders safe and simplify lives as well. What it does is present a transparent heads-up display in its face shield which can show GPS and notifications pretty fast. Using the GPS on a motorcycle is neither simple nor easy, especially when the biker is wearing a helmet, but now things may change.

The Indiegogo project managed to reach its $250.000 goal in just an hour and it even doubled it in less than a day! In just 3 days Skully managed to draw in over $1.000.000 in funds which will be used to create and develop the prototype. In order to get such a helmet for yourself beforehand you will have to take $1400 out of your pocket.

Skully Helmet planApart from its intelligent screen, the helmet has a rear-facing camera as well, which helps secure every adventurous biker out there. Considering the fact that the Skully helmet runs Android, updates will be an easy task (hopefully) to accomplish. New functionality and even apps may be lurking in a distant future from now.

Here are the full specs:

  • Lightweight, aerodynamic polycarbonate shell
  • Ultra wide angle rearview camera
  • DOT/ECE safety certification
  • SKULLY anti-fog, anti-scratch, anti-glare E-Tint(R) visor
  • SKULLY Synapse(TM) Vision Enhancement – shows true-to-life imaging of rearview panorama
  • Audio/Visual GPS Navigation
  • SKULLY Synapse(TM) Smart Heads up Display System with infinite focus
  • SKULLY quick release chin strap and visor
  • 3D laser-cut foam for a perfect fit
  • Outlast(R) lining – reduces perspiration by 70%
  • Bluetooth connectivity to smartphone
  • Internet connectivity via smartphone
  • Over-the-air updates – download new features as they are released
  • Open SDK – develop your own apps for SKULLY Synapse(TM)

In order to find more about the Skully Motorcycle Helmet, click HERE!

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