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Verizon’s HTC One M7 finally gets update to Android 5.0 starting May 14th

Verizon’s HTC One M7 version is getting an update to Lollipop tomorrow, on May 14th. Most of the world, including major US carriers, got their update long ago, and it is finally time for Verizon’s device to join the Android 5.0 elite. The update announcement comes from HTC’s VP of Product Management, Mo Versi, and it was made on Twitter earlier today.


HTC ota


There’s also an updated official document highlighting the changes you will get when you get to version 5.28.605.12 or 6.21.605.3. There’s the usual Android 5.0 tweaks, but some of HTC’s twists regarding Sense UI are included as well; below you can see a short changelog:

What’s New:

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  • HTC EYE Experience is added
  • Enhancement of Visual Voice Mail features, including add note feature, add flag feature, add phone number directly to CGD group, and adjust transcription area when it is too long
  • UI design changes to avoid auto device factory reset after accidental multiple unsuccessful attempts
  • Enhancement to 3-way calling feature
  • File manager is added
  • Addressed calling issue when dialing +1(202)xxx-xxxx




You can check out the full changelog in the Source link below. Hold on for a few more hours, world! The wait is almost over!

Source: Verizon


Verizon’s HTC One M8 gets update to Android Lollipop 5.0

HTC is long away from its 90 day deadline of updating all recently launched devices to Lollipop, but it is still keeping to its word of bringing the Android sweetness to its devices, even if it is later than advertised. The latest to receive this blessing is Verizon’s HTC One M8, the smartphone that is getting Android 5.0 today.


HTC One M8


This update will bring about new animations, settings changes, notifications on the lock screen and a different card-based app switcher UI. This update brings band 4 LTE roaming and some new changes to 3-way calling.

The update will roll out in batches, as usual, and you can visit the system menu to try the manual update if you are eager. Below you can check the official Verizon update document:

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  • Lollipop Notification Panel behavior has been adopted
  • Swipe down once for Notifications
  • Swipe down a second time for Quick Settings
  • Toggle Button from KitKat has been replaced by Settings
  • Lollipop Notification style has been adopted The following Sense settings have been removed
  • Security > Enable lock screen widgets
  • Security > Notification Settings
  • Security > Bypass lock screen on wake
  • “Sound” has been changed to “Sound & notification” in Settings
  • Notification light settings have been moved to “Sound & notification”
  • Calendar Picker View offers dropdown capabilities
  • Search function has been added to settings
  • Date & Time settings have been reordered
  • Syncing with new Google Settings and adding in Accessibility
  • Switch Access
  • Color Inversion
  • Color Correction
  • High Contrast Text
  • “Sidetone” will be added as a Call Setting, which provides audible feedback to the caller


  • World Clock Globe has been removed for memory considerations
    • Lollipop supports two styles of Recent Apps – Card View and Grid View
    • Recent App style can be changed in Settings > Layouts
    • The option to share with near field communications (NFC) starting with the Share menu has been added
    • Promotes NFC sharing in the User Interface
    • Band 4 roaming has been enabled
    • Enhancement to 3-way calling feature has been added



    Source: Verizon

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    European HTC One M7 gets update to Android 5.0.2

    European HTC One M7 owners can rejoice in the fact that their devices are getting an update to Android 5.0.2 this weekend. This OS version will be running on the same Sense 6 UI version, which means that the changes will not be as drastic as they are on AOSP ROM versions.




    The download itself will have 804.8MB and this means you will have to be prepared and maybe connect to a WiFi network before hitting the Download button.

    This brings the ROM version to 7.19.401.2. Some devices have already received the update so most of the European owners can manually check if their phone has not prompted you yet.

    Source: XDA Devs

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    HTC released the RUU file for Sprint’s One M7 manual Lollipop update

    HTC just posted the RUU file so that users can now manually install Lollipop on the Sprint One M7. If yesterday we told you that the Sprint’s One M8 will be getting its update next week, now we can let you know that the Sprint M7 is also getting the Lollipop treatment. If you don’t have access to a Wi Fi network, you can manually install the update via manual download.


    HTC One M7


    You will have to download the 1.5 GB file to your PC and be sure the device is detected when you plug it in. Then you will have to install HTC Sync Manager where you will find the necessary drivers. Then you just launch the file and it will show an installation wizard. This action is completely re-flashing your phone, which means it is likely that everything will be deleted. Be sure to back up your files before manually updating.

    Source: HTC

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    Sprint’s HTC One M7 updates to Android Lollipop 5.0.1

    Sprint’s HTC One M7 is getting its update to Lollipop today. HTC is working on getting all of its important devices to Lollipop these weeks and, even if they recently admitted they would miss the 90 day period they had set for updating everything, they are trying to make things as, well, updated as possible.


    HTC One M7


    Sprint’s HTC One M7 is getting its update today and it is based on Android 5.0.1, much like other recent HTC updates. This is just one of the OTAs eager to hit your phones right now. Enjoy!

    Source: Androidpolice

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    European HTC One M8 updates to Android Lollipop 5.0

    The European HTC One M8 is getting an update to Lollipop. Android 5.0 has started rolling out to devices across the pond and soon you will get yours too (if you are from the European countries, that is).


    HTC One M8


    HTC senior communications manager Jeff Gordon announced on his Twitter account that the sweet software update will be hitting Europeans as soon as they hit the update button or check the updates.

    The Lollipop update version is 4.16.401.10 and the file has 780 MB.

    The update even has a changelog that shows just how different Lollipop will be from KitKat. HTC added some visual modifications such as notification shade and lock screen differences. Switching recent apps has changed and looks more like stock Android now.

    Source: Twitter