HTC One M10 / O2 rumored to launch in 2015 – could this be the last HTC smartphone?

HTC One M10 could be the company’s last attempt at a new smartphone – HTC’s rumored Snapdragon 820 smartphone may very well be the last one they produce, especially if it will not be a success as big as the HTC One in 2013 and its follow-up.





A Chinese site reports that the device may be officially announced by the end of October 2015, despite the M9 model launch earlier this spring. This is by no means an official statement, which means we are developing this article on a mere possibility right now, so bear with us.


It is impossible to know how much an HTC One M10 will cost, but we can speculate its price based on previous models. The newest HTC smartphone should cost somewhere around $800 if its spec is top of the line and fi it presents itself as a flagship.


The new HTC device is rumored to be rebranded as an HTC O2, and its name will not be the last thing that changes it. This is rumored to be a totally revamped smartphone with very different components and software compared to previous HTC One models.


The device is expected to sport a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, the newest of the line. This change could improve on the sales numbers that kind of plummeted this year because of the HTC One M9 processor overheating problem. The Snapdragon 820 is supposed to be 35% faster than the 810 and just as better when it comes to power efficiency.


HTC One M10 ‘s processor should be accompanied by no less than 4 GB of RAM. Design-wise, the device is rumored to have a full metallic body, much like the M9, plus water resistance capability. The device is also said to have a 6 inch 1440×2560 QHD display, 1 inch bigger than the M9.


The rumor mill also includes a 20.7MP f/1.9 aperture sensor plus a 5MP front-facing camera. Everything could be powered by a 3,500 mAh battery and 64/128GB of storage.


Since it is going to be released sometime in 2016, HTC One M10 will launch with Android marshmallow, Google’s most recent OS. Of course, it should also have USB Type C support, Android Pay and improved security. A smaller HTC One M10 version with a 5 inch screen is rumored to launch sometime in 2016 and it is said to have a Snapdragon 82x processor as well.


Source: TheInquirer

News Updates/Software

Verizon’s HTC One M7 finally gets update to Android 5.0 starting May 14th

Verizon’s HTC One M7 version is getting an update to Lollipop tomorrow, on May 14th. Most of the world, including major US carriers, got their update long ago, and it is finally time for Verizon’s device to join the Android 5.0 elite. The update announcement comes from HTC’s VP of Product Management, Mo Versi, and it was made on Twitter earlier today.


HTC ota


There’s also an updated official document highlighting the changes you will get when you get to version 5.28.605.12 or 6.21.605.3. There’s the usual Android 5.0 tweaks, but some of HTC’s twists regarding Sense UI are included as well; below you can see a short changelog:

What’s New:

[box type=”shadow”]

  • HTC EYE Experience is added
  • Enhancement of Visual Voice Mail features, including add note feature, add flag feature, add phone number directly to CGD group, and adjust transcription area when it is too long
  • UI design changes to avoid auto device factory reset after accidental multiple unsuccessful attempts
  • Enhancement to 3-way calling feature
  • File manager is added
  • Addressed calling issue when dialing +1(202)xxx-xxxx




You can check out the full changelog in the Source link below. Hold on for a few more hours, world! The wait is almost over!

Source: Verizon

News Updates/Software

T Mobile’s HTC One M9 gets camera improvement update, AT&T’s version to get it soon

T Mobile is working on fixing HTC One M9’s camera problems and now you can get the fix yourself because there’s an update out there rolling out to devices as we speak. There was a fix rolling out to Sprint’s M9 devices last week and there will be one for AT&T’s devices soon as well. It seems that Lollipop and its own updates have brought some issues to HTC’s 2015 flagship.


HTC One M9


One M9’s camera has suffered but HTC is working on fixing it, although the results still don’t match other high-end Android devices. The update brings the device to software version 1.32.531.33 and was posted a few days ago on T Mobile’s official support page. The update itself will begin rolling out on Monday though, with some devices receiving it starting today, according to Mo Versi, HTC’s VP of Product Management.

Apart from the camera improvement, HTC M9 is also getting minor changes such as Blinkfeed improvements and user interface improvements. The download is around 88MB and it can be downloaded via Wi-Fi connection.

AT&T is secured as well, since Mo Versi says its upgrade will start rolling out on Monday as well.

Source: T Mobile via AndroidPolice

Deals News

HTC One M9 official US launch on April 10th and how to replace an HTC device via Uh-Oh replacement plan

HTC One M9 is official: it will launch on April 10th in the US. During today’s event, HTC announced that everyone will start offering M9 on April 10th. Not all carriers will start actively selling the device at this time though, because this date only marks the date when someone decides to start selling.


HTC one M9


Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and US Cellular have already announced they will carry the device, so no worries there at least. The April 10th date comes as no surprise to anyone because HTC will do anything for you to see it next to the S6 come launch day.

It appears there will not be a Google Play Edition for the device though, which is no big surprise either considering few flagships get that anymore.

The Uh-Oh protection plan event today also addressed the possibility of replacing phones in case of water damage, cracked screens or carrier switches in the first 12 months from purchase. If you don’t get one replacement in this time frame, you can get $100 from HTC for purchasing your next HTC. Of course, they will send the device on the next business day without you having to send them the device first. They will, however require a credit card hold of $299.99 just to make sure you’re not double-crossing them to get two HTCs at the price of one. In case you don’t want to wait for your replacement to arrive at your door step, you will get a prepaid shipping label replacement phone within two days of receiving the damaged device.

Source: AndroidPolice

News Updates/Software

T Mobile’s HTC One M7 2013 gets update to Android 5.0 on Tuesday!

T Mobile’s HTC One M7 2013 version is getting its own update to Lollipop Tuesday, March 10! If you own such a device, you now know you will not have to be jealous of your Sprint, Developer Edition or European counterparts anymore, because you will be part of the Android 5.0 elite from Tuesday on. The announcement came directly from HTC vice president of product management Mo Versi, who usually takes official announcements to Twitter.


HTC One M7




You will not have to wait more than two days before your device becomes embroidered with Lollipop juiciness. T Mobile uses the typical rollout system, which means that you may have to wait just a little bit more than the aforementioned launch date, because it may take a few more hours – or days – before the actual OTA gets to your particular device.

Source: Mo Versi (Twitter)

Mobile News

[MWC] HTC One M9 officially announced: 5″ screen, 3GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 810 processor

MWC debuted today in Barcelona ant the first official flagship of the year will be HTC One M9. The One series has been constant in design ever since its small reboot in 2013, and now the Taiwanese manufacturer decided to show the world once again that what’s already perfect doesn’t need to change. After several leaks, M9 was finally unveiled a few hours ago and it does appear to be the same device we’ve seen in previous rendered photos.




Among the most obvious changes you will find the rectangular camera on the back which basically means HTC gave up its “Ultrapixel” and Duo camera design on previous flagships in favor of a more unified snapper.

Keeping in line with the trend of enlarging phone screens, HTC opted for a 5” 1080 display paired with Boomsound speakers on the top and bottom of the device, all embellished with the HTC logo and some rather large bezels. It appears that M9 has Dolby 5.1 surround sound as well. The front camera is the same 4-ultrapixel module we’ve seen on the one M7. The power button was moved to the right side of the device and next to it you will find the volume  keys.


Front camera HTC M9


Even if the device itself is called a unibody, HTC One M9 has a ring around the edges similar to other flagship. On some devices, the contrast between the frame and the body will be large in terms of color, which proves to be an interesting design shift.

The back of the device is the most distinguishably different than other iterations for the One line mainly because of its camera. The phone now has one 20MP camera with a standard dual-LED flash attached to it. The camera sensor is protected by synthetic sapphire too!


HTC Boomsound


Apart from the previous M model, M9 seems shorter, thicker and narrower at 144.2 x 69.3 x 9.6mm.

The software is HTC Sense 7 with Android 5.0. It seems more adaptable than other Sense UI versions with some new theme customization options. There will also be a new Dot Case option available with customized displays thrown in the mix.


Inside the flashy HTC One M9 chassis you will find a Snapdragon 810 processor with 3 GB of RAM, 32GB of storage standard and a MicroSD card slot, of course. The phone naturally supports LTE and it is possible to return to the market in a dual-SIM version later this year.


Dot Case HTC M9


The official price is not yet known, but it should be somewhere around $700, the medium flagship price in the US. The global launch will be sometime around mid-March for the majority of the markets. HTC One M9 will be available in color options such as gold, pink, black, and silver.