One Plus One OTA solves (most) touchscreen issues and a few bugs

One Plus One OTA is out! A much needed fix bunch is on its way to one of the most popular phablet – if there is such a thing – in the world! Because of the unresponsive and moody touchscreen, the One Plus One experience in what concerns unlocking the phone and using its apps. This update should resolve the touchscreen issues and it may bring in a better battery life as well.

The changelog includes:

  • New radio image
  • Decreased power consumption while in idle
  • Touchscreen fixes
  • Audio fixes
  • Security updates.

If you want to update your phone manually and not wait for the rollout, you can try THIS LINK which will take you to a Mediafire mirror where you can find (KTU84P, XNPH33R). The file has a size of 66 MB.

In order to install the update you will have to boot into recovery then sideload using adb sideload or you can copy the zip onto the phone and flash from recovery. In case you are using TWRP, the phone will ask you to choose rebooting at the end or not. 

Source: Android Police

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One Plus One leaked photoes hint at a clean fluid device with CyanogenMod software

One Plus One was recently leaked online by OnePlus forum. Until now, details and specification regarding the bigger HTC flagship have been scarce and some may have been fed up with waiting. These new photos are pretty convincing in portraying the new high-end large device.

HTC One Plus One presents some interchangeable covers made of or looking like denim, carbon fiber and wood. The device will have capacitive navigation buttons and shares an industrial design to other similar devices.

Confirm specs for One Plus One include a 13 MP rear camera, a 5.5 inch 1080p display and 3 GB of Ram powered by a3100 mAh battery.

Untitled2This is not all, because this new device will run on Cyanogen Mod stock software that bears the name CyanogenMod 11s. The Android 4.4 build presents custom icons and lock screens, with a theme manager as well.

One Plus One is supposedly going to be unveiled Wednesday April 23rd and it will only be available for buying with invitations and contest participations.