AnTuTu Q3 benchmarks name Meizu Pro 5 best smartphone

AnTuTu just released its own tops of the best smartphones analyzed in the first three quarters of the year and the results are surprising. We are close to the middle of the 4th quarter already and most of the big guns or flagships for 2015 are already out. But how do they fare against each other when it comes to the most extreme tests?


AnTutu Q3 benchmarks



On the Chinese market, Huawei became king this year, overthrowing Xiaomi for the first time. But how does the global market work? who is the top dog this year?


It appears that AnTuTu tests declare Samsung Exynos 7420 octa-core processors as the best mobile CPUs out there for now. Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processors are close by in terms of performance, but Exynos still has the upper hand.


The latest tests from July 1 to September 30 make Meizu Pro 5 the best smartphone you can have at the moment and AnTuTu don’t usually kid around. The device is at the top of this list with a score of over 76,000 points. Numbers two to five are taken by Samsung’s premium devices: the Galaxy note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge +, S6 and S6 Edge. Meizu Pro 5 is the first non-Samsung smartphone to run on an Exynos processor, which makes its position at the top of this list even more of a surprise.


In the top ten you will also find Le 1 Pro, HTC One MAX, Sony Xperia Z5, Xiaomi Mi Note Pro and OnePlus 2. It seems that 3rd quarter means good business for more than one OEM, which can only mean that you have many many options to choose from on the long run!


Source: AnTuTu


Verizon’s HTC One Max gets UI update to Sense 6

Verizon rolls out update for HTC One Max. The update brings in the Sense 6 UI the huge device was expecting for a while now. Now it’s time to start checking for those updates to the newest user interface for HTC android phones.

The update encompasses the UI only and brings little else to the table because HTC One Max already runs on Android 4.4.2. In order to give a manual update to your device, head over to Settings –> About –>  Software Update. 

Source: Verizon Wireless

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HTC One Max Sprint update – gets Wi Fi calling and Sense 6 UI

HTC One Max gets the update to Sense 6 these days. We are talking about the Sprint version, of course. The update will roll out in stages so if you are eager to get your Wi Fi calling feature and the new UI, you can check it manually. Some will have to wait for the automatic update though.

HTC One Max, Source Karlis Dambrans/ Flickr
HTC One Max, Source Karlis Dambrans/ Flickr

The biggest improvements coming with this update are Sense 6 UI and Wi Fi calling, a  feature useful for people who usually have plans with a limited number of minutes available or for those who get in the position where call service and signal is not the best around. Users can send text messages or make calls via Wi Fi connection instead in these cases. The feature was released earlier this year by Sprint and it has proven to be somewhat of a success so far.

The update gets the device to software version 3.02.651.5 and it appears that Wi Fi calling and Sense 6 UI is all we get.