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Android L Preview fix – 14 closed bugs to be patched in the next public release

Android L Preview fixes 14 bugs that will be patched in the next public release. The biggest beta test in Android’s history is taking its course on Nexus devices and developing to become the next big OS in the history of the most popular operating system in the world.

Android L is being worked on hard and fast in order to become reality sooner rather than later. The release date is approaching fast as sources say, because it will most probably be launched at the end of 2014. Some of the biggest and most important bugs of the OS are finally being patched, including Nexus’s inability to send or receive MMS messages through Hangouts app. This bug happens only on AT&T and T Mobile devices at the moment.

Android L Fixes


Apart from this bug, other 13 bugs have been fixed in the last day and they will be added in the release build. Among the fixes you will find:

  • Missing emoji
  • Dialpad no. 7 replaced with S
  • Lockscreen hangs
  • Lack of notifications
  • Wi Fi Proxy setting resets after disconnect
  • Local HTML 5 audio files don’t play in Android Webview.

Hundreds of other bugs are still waiting to be fixed before Android L’s launch.

The public release date of Android’s newest OS is still a mystery, as well as its official (savory) name. Considering that Google is usually showing new developer phones around October and November, we are bound to find out more in the next couple of months. Stay tuned for more delicious news!

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Google’s Ultra Violet extension is being tested – new Hangouts experience to be available soon

It appears that Google is testing its Ultra Violet experience destined for Hangouts Chrome. According to Florian Kiersch, this is happening right now and Ultra Violet will bring important interface changes to Hangouts, including a new extension that introduces a floating Chat Heads icon on the desktop that can be used freely.

After the circle is clicked on, the Hangouts turns into a screen where users are introduced to a whole new experience. Mr. Kiersch presented some images in which we can see the loadout of the new Circle list and the chat. In addition, new floating buttons present familiar faces you can easily contact.

Hangouts Ultra Violet
Hangouts Ultra Violet, source Florian Kiersch

This new experience is not ready for public usage yet, because it still has some bugs resulted from its experimental extension API in Chrome’s developer channel. We do not know yet if the extension will be more or just as powerful as the current Hangouts or if it will be compatible with Android devices firstly, but soon we may find out more about its options. 

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