Black Friday deals by NVIDIA SHIELD games: get the best Valve games at half the price!

Black Friday is almost upon us and the deals just keep on rolling. This time it’s all about NVIDIA SHIELD games that you can get at a bargain.     The first Shield tablet got TWRP support starting today, but that is not all, as these devices are the few that manage to run the more advanced games on Android. The best games you can try on one of these devices would cost you $5-10 each, but today some important games are going at %50 off.   These NVIDIA SHIELD games have nice discounts that will last through the Black Friday weekend: Portal: $5 from $9.99     Half-Life 2: $5 from $9.99     Half-Life 2: Episode 1: $4 from $7.99     Half-Life 2: Episode 2: $4 from $7.99     Pix the Cat: $5     Contrast: $7.5 from $14.99     Q.U.B.E: Director’s Cut: $5     Doom 3 BFG Edition: $5.     In order to play any of these games you will need a controller, which luckily you will automatically get when you buy your SHIELD tablet.   Source: AndroidPolice

NVIDIA Shield owners rejoyce! Portal and Half Lofe 2 available on Google Store

NVIDIA Shield owners will be happy today as the new Portal and Half Life 2 games were ported and can now be found on the Google Play Store. They are only available for the device because they need a controller to be played. Each costs around $10. Considering they are older games from the Valve vaults, the porting was not very difficult, especially after Portal was ported first. Portal is a fan favorite game as the player becomes a human test subject who has to escape the vile Aperture Labs before the murderous AI GlaDOS catches him/her. The game counts more on thinking and strategy rather than on usual combat to get past difficult obstacles. The other side with more active combat and various weapons is Half Life 2, the shooter where a scientist has to overcome different obstacles himself to stop the future from happening and the already destroyed world from being conquered by aliens. The lengthy single-player campaign uses solid sci-fi elements and action-packed shooter gameplay. Each game will take around 2GB of storage and can be found on Google Play Store for $9.99 each. The NVIDIA SHIELD is available on the Internet at prices starting from $199.