Android Lock exploit allows devices to be unlocked with a long string of characters

Android Lock exploit is a real thing and everyone knows about it. This discovery was made by the University of Austin, Texas, where a new report revealed an exploit that hackers can use a very large code to easily bypass the lock screen of Android devices. This works with devices running on Android 5.0 to […]

The Turing Phone is here – you can reserve yours today!

The Turing Phone age is finally upon us and, if you are a very different person with very different interests, you may find it the best device on the market yet. Why is that you ask? Because this smartphone is said to be the most secured piece of hardware available to the general public at […]

Sony’s The Interview available for sale or rent on Youtube and Google Play Movies

The world’s most perfect 10/10 movie – according to IMDB – The Interview managed to get past all the Sony chopping by allegedly North-Korean hackers and now it laughs in their faces by releasing on Youtube and Google Play! Don’t expect to see the world’s best movie for free though, as, because you won’t be […]

Intel’s new Dev Story/ HACK THE CODE – a tool for devs to work their magic

Intel’s new Dev Story/ HACK THE CODE is a new game that surprisingly has little to do with coding, except for devs. The game is constructed in such a manner that it will attract very few people except for .hack fans. Inside the little game you will find some interesting mini games though, games similar […]