Android Lock exploit allows devices to be unlocked with a long string of characters

Android Lock exploit is a real thing and everyone knows about it. This discovery was made by the University of Austin, Texas, where a new report revealed an exploit that hackers can use a very large code to easily bypass the lock screen of Android devices. This works with devices running on Android 5.0 to Android 5.1.1 with a password-based lock, and it does not matter if you have enabled encryption on the device. Recent Google numbers put Android Lollipop versions running on 21% of all Android devices, which means they all could be easily hacked.





Hacking your Android Lollipop device could be as easy as inserting a very very long password via this Android Lock exploit. Hackers could infect a phone by simply swiping left from the lock screen in order to open the camera app and then they can access the “Settings” menu from the notifications panel. When they tap the Settings menu they would be prompted to enter a password. After introducing a long string of characters, hackers can crash the device to the home screen. There they can access different apps or take information and expose data.


There’s more than one way to go about this Android Lock exploit. Hackers can copy a large string of characters into the Android clipboard and they can paste into the password prompt. They can also use the emergency dialing field to type long lists of codes that can be used on the password prompt as well.


As luck would have it, Google took action and managed to fix the problem via a security update that began to roll-out to devices last week. You will find it in the Android build LMY48M. The fix for this Android lock exploit could take months to reach all affected devices though, as we all know carrier-locked devices take more time to update than others. Nexus devices already got this fix.


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The Turing Phone is here – you can reserve yours today!

The Turing Phone age is finally upon us and, if you are a very different person with very different interests, you may find it the best device on the market yet. Why is that you ask? Because this smartphone is said to be the most secured piece of hardware available to the general public at the moment. It is unbreakable, unstoppable, UNHACKABLE. Of course, its unique design will draw your attention as well.


Turing phone concept



Turing is now accepting reservations on its website. You read right, reservations. This is because you are not requested any money like it happens on regular pre-orders. All you have to do is enter contact information and choose the desired colors and storage capacity for your device.

What makes the Turing phone special?


This smartphone is unique in the sense that it is branded as a secured device in terms of software. It does not have any jacks or USB ports because you will have to charge it via a proprietary cable with no data connection support, and you get a Bluetooth headset when you buy the device.

It is encrypted all around for the greater purpose of keeping everything secured. The smartphone has a public key that allows you to send messages to users and a private key you can use to decrypt them. Everything is handled on local hardware and there are no servers because this way, there are no security holes that can be exploited.


The Turing phone has an angular body with IPX8 water resistance and it is made of the “Liquidmorphium” alloy, which is supposed to be a mélange of metals stronger than titanium.


Official specs:

  • 5” 1080p display
  • Snapdragon 801 processor
  • 3GB RAM
  • 13MP rear camera
  • 8MP front camera
  • Fingerprint scanner for biometric authentication
  • 3000 mAh battery
  • Unlocked GSM and LTE networks
  • NFC without wireless charging
  • Android 5.1 (modified and encrypted).


Turing spec list



When it comes to storage, the Turing Phone offers you three options: 16GB for $610, 64GB for $740 or 128GB for $870. You can choose from three distinct color options: Beowulf (black and purple), Cardinal (red and white) or Pharoh (red and blue).


Turing phone



In order to get on the reservation list, you have to go to the official Turing Robotics Industries device page and submit your name, email address, phone number and home city.


The heavily secured Turing Phone smartphone is already being reviewed by several connoisseurs and opinions seem to differ. While some like the device, others consider it disgusting because of its software interface and lack of ports. The device, however, stands out among this year’s flagships, and we will soon see what it truly offers for ourselves.


Source: TuringPhone


Sony’s The Interview available for sale or rent on Youtube and Google Play Movies

The world’s most perfect 10/10 movie – according to IMDB – The Interview managed to get past all the Sony chopping by allegedly North-Korean hackers and now it laughs in their faces by releasing on Youtube and Google Play! Don’t expect to see the world’s best movie for free though, as, because you won’t be seeing it in any theater (except the few courageous bunch in the US), you have to pay for it in digital form.

It appears that The Interview is available on Youtube Movies and Google Play Movies and if you want to own the HD copy you will have to pay $14.99 or you can rent it for $5.99. You can also purchase the movie in Microsoft Xbox Video, but you will not find it on iTunes.

The Interview is a comedy starring James Franco and Seth Rogen who become pawns in a CIA plot to kill the current North-Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un. They are basically a celebrity tabloid show duo who get to interview a surprise fan, none other than Kim Jong Un and this is when they are recruited by the CIA to assassinate the dictator during their meeting.


The Interview


The FBI says that Sony being hacked was most definitely a move coming from the North-Korean government itself but most digital security experts say a conclusive answer cannot be given at this point. North-Korean officials deny the accusations and publically threaten with “grave consequences” if the US does not temper its words and assist in proving that the move was not the socialist states’ doing.



Sony Pictures has been threatened and most of its private files have been made public leading to public humiliation and it appears that the hacking move has interfered with existing projects and employees who may sue the company because their personal information has been leaked and is now compromised. Some hackers demanded that the movie be completely deleted while others asked for it to be edited in order to be released.

The difficult situation Sony is in has managed to create a wave of buzz around The Interview and the consequence is the release of the movie in cyber-form on popular streaming portals. Could this mean the future for all movies?

You can get The Interview on Google Play Movies here or on Youtube here.


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Intel’s new Dev Story/ HACK THE CODE – a tool for devs to work their magic

Intel’s new Dev Story/ HACK THE CODE is a new game that surprisingly has little to do with coding, except for devs. The game is constructed in such a manner that it will attract very few people except for .hack fans. Inside the little game you will find some interesting mini games though, games similar to WarioWare’s style of mini challenges that prove that their devs are the best in the world at what they do.

The game itself is open source and free to use, which means Intel is inviting developers to improve their work and build upon the game’s existing foundation. Intel really wants people to tinker and provide resources to help them improve their code and the best submissions will even be included in the second version of the Dev Story.

You can submit your creation at Intel Developer Zone and give the game a try as well by clicking the widget below.

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