Google and Lenovo to work on Project Tango enabled device

Lenovo and Google are shaking hands again and this time the result should be a consumer-ready device that should digitally enrich our world. This partnership is based on Project Tango, Google’s software/hardware solution that will display digital data on top of the physical world via a smart device. Think Google Glass, but with finesse. The […]

[Freebie alert] Janice Joplin Greatest Hits album for free on Google Play Music

Are you a Janice Joplin fan but you – for some reason – don’t have all of her albums on your Google Play account yet? Well, you are in luck friend, because today you can get the Greatest Hits compilation from Janice Joplin for free from the Google Play Music store. The album is only […]

Google to use OpenJDK on Android N, sources say

Android N is coming. We barely got used to Android 6.0 and its slow-ish rollout to smartphones and tablets and now we are bombarded with news of a new Google OS coming next year. This one will include OpenJDK, which is an open source Java Development Kit from Oracle, which will replace the proprietary JDK […]

Google Glass for enterprise passes FCC regulations – could it start selling again soon?

Google Glass is not history yet as it seems that the company still wants to shove the tech up someone’s throat. A Glass model just passed FCC and it seems that the US will have another eye-computer to buy in the near future. At least the enterprise part of the US!       In […]

[The rumor mill] Next Android OS name to be decided by the community via poll

Do YOU want to name the next Android OS version? well, you might get the chance, because Google is thinking about putting the next commercial name of its operating system to a vote. Which sweet treat will we tinker with on our smartphones and tablets next? Google’s Sundar Pichai released a few details while on […]

Google Project Fi data-only SIM cards support goes live

Google Project Fi is still alive and kicking, even if it is not as involved in promoting itself as you’d think. Google’s cellular service is impressing its few subscribers and it recently released support for data-only mobile devices (this includes tablets and other devices which receive data).       The Project Fi team is […]