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Intel’s new Dev Story/ HACK THE CODE – a tool for devs to work their magic

Intel’s new Dev Story/ HACK THE CODE is a new game that surprisingly has little to do with coding, except for devs. The game is constructed in such a manner that it will attract very few people except for .hack fans. Inside the little game you will find some interesting mini games though, games similar to WarioWare’s style of mini challenges that prove that their devs are the best in the world at what they do.

The game itself is open source and free to use, which means Intel is inviting developers to improve their work and build upon the game’s existing foundation. Intel really wants people to tinker and provide resources to help them improve their code and the best submissions will even be included in the second version of the Dev Story.

You can submit your creation at Intel Developer Zone and give the game a try as well by clicking the widget below.

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Ride’ Em Rigby – a new and fun endless runner courtesy of Cartoon Network

Ride’ Em Rigby is a new endless runner game coming straight from Cartoon Network that includes unicorns riding fast cars! Regular Show fans will surely love this new app on Google Playstore and unicorn lovers will definitely want to play this car riding game too!

For an endless runner, the game has not many details to disclose since the user becomes the character Rigsby who pairs with Muscle Man to hold on for his live while speeding through parks during rush hour. The game has twenty levels where users will find all sorts of collectibles and power-ups one more weird than the other. The difficulty increases as you play and the controls are pretty simple. The game itself costs 99 cents and it offers no in-app purchases (praise the Lord!).

You can find the game in the widget below.

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Apps Updates/Software

Wearable Widgets update – make your favorite apps watch face for your smartwatch

The newest Wearable Widgets update brings with it some neat new options at a few expenses as well. After the first Wear devices became available to the audience, the app got an update which includes setting widgets as your watch face at all times in addition to mirroring widgets from the phone.

The Wearable Widgets is using a workaround as it does not have an official API, which means some elements of the widgets can be in the way of their proper functionality. After the user selects the Wearable Widgets app he will have to select it from the watch face list and he can set his desired widget as said face. The app works pretty well but the downfall is that the battery gets drained much faster because it refreshes the widget once every minute by using the Bluetooth connection with the phone.

Wearable Widgets is free on Google Playstore but purchasing more apps compatible with it may cost you a few $$$. 

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Attopedia – the free app that brings Wikipedia to your wrist!

Attopedia is the newest and most interesting app you can download from Google Playstore today! The app takes advantage of Wikipedia and its ever-growing database and reconnaissance and recreates its content in a way that you can explore on your Android Wear device!

Attopedia becomes a Wear app that takes care of browsing full Wikipedia pages in the sense that it truncates them so you can read on your Wear device at your leisure. It does have neat navigation systems that allow you to execute voice searches in order to reach specific Wikipedia pages and then you swipe down to browse through the page’s sections. You even get images where they are available so you get everything you need on the go! This way, you can find the information you need pretty fast without having to take your phone out of your pocket.

Attopedia is a free app that works better than the usual Google Search cards. It loads pages a bit more slowly, but it does take care of showing you everything you want to know as it caches the images and pages in the background as well. You can give it a click here if you want to find out more!

[pb-app-box pname=’net.dheera.attopedia’ name=’Attopedia for Android Wear’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

Apps Updates/Software

Google Now App Launcher can now be installed on devices with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and above

The Google special app launcher can now be installed on any Android devices with Android 4.1 OS or newer. The app first appeared last year on the Nexus device and what it does is integrate Google’s virtual assistant service into a stable panel to the left of the primary homescreen. It has larger icons than the standard launchers on usual phones and it continues to expand availability to the launcher for around 75% of Android devices out there.

The app is used to give verbal commands to Google in order to find various services, places or locations easier, and you can also tap the search box and immediately enter your question for a fast response. Google Now Launcher also offers easy access to your favorite Google services and products such as Gmail, Maps or YouTube. You can even choose a wallpaper to go with your new changes!

The Google Now Launcher can be found on Google Playstore where you can download it to your account for free. Check it out below.

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Apps Deals

Amazon temporary free app bundle includes $100 worth of Android apps

Amazon is pushing a new list of free apps for a limited time on its Appstore! Considering the fact that this promotion will not last through the weekend, you should head out to Amazon Appstore a.s.a.p. to get the apps you like but never had the money to buy! This promotion includes 30 apps reduced to free purchase for a limited time, and combined they have a value of $100.

Not all apps are software you must have, but some deserve to be taken into consideration. You can find some fun games and tools you can try out before the promotion is over. Some of the free apps include:

My Alarm Clock

Bills Reminder

WiFi File Explorer Pro

Essential Anatomy 3

MathsApp Graphing Calculator

Sonic &SEGA All-Stars Racing


People from around the world get basically the same free app bundle, with a few exceptions. Considering that temporary free promotions have become a thing over at Amazon Appstore and on iTunes, it is a pity that Google Playstore does not let its users get free apps for a limited time as well. These deals have a limited time, so hurry up and get those apps you wanted on the Amazon Appstore now!

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