Smash Bandits Racing – a new fun and free Android game

Smash Bandits is a new free game you can find on the Google Play Store. You may just fall in love with this little racing game as it puts you in a similar position to the first GTA games. You’re a thug running away from the cops and you have to destroy as much public property as you can. The more things you smash the bigger your score will be!

The racing game available for Android devices has a pretty decent graphic setting as well so you won’t get bored and you only have to use your thumb to play it. You move left or right to adjust your direction on the road and hold the thumb below your car to hit the gas. When the cops are too close on your tail you just hit the cruiser and smash into the cop car! Easy as pie!

Of course, as with all free Android games, you have the option to buy different incentives through micro-transactions. You can buy money to upgrade your ride or allow you to ride in a cop car for your pleasure.

Smash Bandits Racing can be found on Google Play free of charge now.

Game trailer:

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App Config free – the app that lets you configure settings according to the apps you use

App Config free is a new free piece of software you can use to configure system settings to automatically enable and disable when needed. You use mobile office suites and don’t need Wi Fi enabled, but you might want Bluetooth enabled to connect to an external keyboard or mouse or you may want to stop the screen timeout while you write or watch some videos. Maybe you stream videos all the time and need a stable Wi Fi connection and brighter screen. This little app might be the best solution for you, so that you won’t need to use Tasker to set up different profiles you have to manually change when you do stuff with your mobile device.

App Config Free was made by a XDA developer named aaro that allows users to define settings on a per-app basis. When it is launched, the users get a list of installed applications and by clicking an app, users will get a menu where they can modify a series of existent settings. Among possible modifications are Bluetooth, Wi Fi and mobile data settings and sleep timeout, orientation and screen brightness.

App Config free creates a notification that launches a configuration page for the current running apps when clicked on. Basically, it is a very useful app that works well with any power user. You can find the app free of charge on the Google play store.