Google Play Games reportedly give up on Google + permissions for its games

Google Play Games is giving up on Google +, as it will soon relinquish its Google+ account requirements to use. In order to get games and apps and use them, all you will need is a basic Google account. You will not be requested to give permissions and you will be signed in for all […]

Google Play Games gets gameplay recording feature

Google Play Games is one of the best and most popular apps on the store with well over 1 billion downloads. Now the app got an update with something really interesting: you will be able to record gameplays on your mobile device!       What this update allows you to do is record your […]

Google Play Games gets makeover to match Android TV

Google Play Games is getting a makeover to make it match the Android TV and you can download it ahead of official roll out! Play Games already received its upgrade for the Android TV, and now all other app versions are getting the update to match. This UI heavy update is responsible for making the […]