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Facebook virtual assistant M to reach some devices today!

Facebook virtual assistant wishes may seem like a dream or a joke, but it is actually coming to life! Facebook wants in on the fun and popularity of Google Now, Siri and Cortana. But it is also trying to do something different, which is why it created M, its newest virtual pal program. This little feature will wait for you to use Messenger to introduce itself to you. You will be able to look for stuff from your Messenger app and when it will not be able to find answers to your questions, people working behind screens may be able to.


Facebook virtual assistant



The Facebook virtual assistant is said to be trained and supervised by people, real people! M does not just help you with facts and usual information, but it is supposed to help you get reservations and place orders wherever you need.


Facebook seems to think that using real people to help you find or do things via your smartphone will keep you closer to their services as opposed to a situation when, if you cannot get the answer you need with the help of a virtual assistant, you may fall back to searching for something manually or switch to Microsoft or Google VIs.


M will become available to a few hundred users in the San Francisco Area for now, and the update will be rolling out as we speak. If this little test is successful we can expect a global release of this new Facebook virtual assistant.



Cortana voice assistant available in public open beta in the US

Cortana voice assistant is now more available than ever! When you have an Android device and you don’t want to trust Google to the point of giving it all of your questions and information, you can try the Microsoft alternative.





The early version for this voice assistant AI has been available since last month, and now the public beta program is ready to get more users. The most recent update for the app gave Cortana the ability to launch via the Google Now “swipe up” gesture. You can also get future updates without having to keep searching for the APK files or for Microsoft requests to get approved.


Cortana invite


The Cortana public beta program is now available for any citizen of the US who has an Android device. In order to get in on the action, you will have to fill out this form. Have a good time with your new virtual assistant!


Source: Windows blog

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Android 6.0 Marshmallow on your smartphone – find out how

Even if you have to wait for a while before trying the Android 6.0 Marshmallow sweetness, you can at least see what it’s like to launch an Android 6.0 device. There is a new Google Now launcher out there and you can try it on your phone right now! It has been extracted from the latest developer build of Marshmallow. It is now available to anyone with Android device, not just devs or Nexus owners.





This is mostly a cosmetic change however, because most features dedicated to Android Marshmallow will not work. You will not get the vertical app layout but you will get some nice wallpapers. Even if you won’t actually get to see anything heavy marshmallow-like, you can get an idea of how the new Google OS will work for you.


You can get the launcher from the APKMirror website and you can take it directly to your device. You have to make sure that your device can install apps from unknown sources before proceeding further though. You can toggle this feature on or off from the Settings à Security menu.


In order to get the full Android 6.0 Marshmallow deal, we will have to wait until the official launch, but anything is better than nothing, right?


Source: Techradar

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Cortana for Android could be a tough competitor for Siri and Google Now

Cortana for Android was recently released for testing and it is almost ready for wide release! This little app could become one of the most important competitors on the voice assistant market, if it can take on both Siri and Google Now. But is such a thing even possible?





Only time will tell.

In the meantime, Cortana is being prepared for wide release for Android devices. The app seems to have an ample layout helped by smooth and clear voice detection. The app also presents some Google Now features such as presenting news and notifications on the main screen.


Some testers are saying the app is very helpful in keeping people organized, especially in our hectic times. Cortana works not only on smartphones, but also on Windows 10 devices and it allows users to search for files or adjust settings with ease. It is useful in situations where you don’t want to touch your smartphone or when you’re just too lazy to type stuff on your PC. It learns from your and adapts its responses as you use it more and more and it can set reminders, look for information and it even navigates through your computer if you need it to.


TechnoBuffalo presents a test on the Cortana app in beta form, where you can see just how it works. What do you think, are you eager to try it on your Android device any time soon?



Source: Androidorigin

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Nest integration with Google Now live – set your favorite home ecosystem with voice commands

Nest integration with Google Now is finally live, and the thermostat/app that keeps your house warm acting as a control center is even better now. The hardware is integrated with Google Now which makes it even easier to communicate with the Nest device.





The device responds to voice commands that begin with OK Google, and you can change the temperature, or the thermostat, or set the device at a certain temperature for example. The Google Now card appears on your screen to tell you when Nest will be changing the climate of your house as well. It usually works when it senses that you are approaching your home.


Nest Google now



If you have a Nest thermostat, you can easily authorize your account and you will have to activate your voice commands and the Google Now card separately, so don’t forget to check all the options.


Source: AndroidPolice

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Google Now App Launcher can now be installed on devices with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and above

The Google special app launcher can now be installed on any Android devices with Android 4.1 OS or newer. The app first appeared last year on the Nexus device and what it does is integrate Google’s virtual assistant service into a stable panel to the left of the primary homescreen. It has larger icons than the standard launchers on usual phones and it continues to expand availability to the launcher for around 75% of Android devices out there.

The app is used to give verbal commands to Google in order to find various services, places or locations easier, and you can also tap the search box and immediately enter your question for a fast response. Google Now Launcher also offers easy access to your favorite Google services and products such as Gmail, Maps or YouTube. You can even choose a wallpaper to go with your new changes!

The Google Now Launcher can be found on Google Playstore where you can download it to your account for free. Check it out below.

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