Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P packaging and render show up ahead of Google’s event

It’s just a few days before September 29th and Google’s event where we will finally see the real Nexus X and Nexus P devices, as the new Nexus phones are being branded in 2015. The hype train is slowly starting to fill up as more and more leaks are starting to surface. The most recent […]

New Nexus devices leaked once again! LG and Huawei sign on the manufacturing aspect of things

New Nexus devices are close to being announced as leaks about them start to spread on the interwebs. If you liked your Nexus 5, but it already feels a little old, fret no more, as not one but two manufacturers are working on creating two new Google line devices. Huawei and LG are working on […]

Lollipop memory leak bug that frequently closed apps fixed

  That annoying memory leak that caused apps to close on Lollipop-run devices is finally history as the Android Issue tracker suggests. This bug was around ever since the first preview and 1950 stars later it has been fixed and marked closed, which means it will be released in a following update. The bug usually […]