X-Avto: absolute drift:drift around in simplistic environments

is a new game coming from dev Gvizdon and, although the game is in its beta form at the moment, it does have some functionality that can make your free time be better spent. The game is free but it does offer in-app purchases and it promises to improve with very update. Updates are timely […]

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector live on Google Play! Collect ALL the cats!

Cats rule the internet, that is known. Cats are continuously plotting to take over the world, that is also fact! But these little ninjas of darkness are also consistent manipulators that will make your heart melt with a purr. In order to never run out of cats, you can now try the Neko Atsume: Kitty […]

This War of Mine available for Android smartphones!

Do you like This War of Mine on the PC? Yes? Then you will also love the fact that it is now available on your Android device as well! When you like to kill things in games and act a hero, you find many options on Steam and other gaming platforms, but on Android devices […]

Freeze 2 – Brothers – new puzzle game for your pleasure

Freeze 2 – Brothers is a new puzzle game from Frozen Fun games, the developers responsible for the little hit Freeze! When games get sequels it’s either that they get them because of financial or critical success, or their creators want to keep at it until the series does become a success. The first Freeze […]

Humble Mobile Bundle 15 hits the store – get new Android games at a discount

Humble Mobile Bundle 15 is here and new mobile games await! When you want to build yourself the biggest Android game collection out there, you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money. You can just keep an eye on promos, discounts, free apps of the week and bundles.     There’s a new […]

Elite: Dangerous coming to HTC Vive this year

Elite: DangerousĀ is one of the first announced titles for HTC Vive coming this year. HTC and Valve have a partnership right now and the fruit of their labor is a virtual reality set that will release globally next year. One of the first available games for this platform is Elite: Dangerous, which is also getting […]