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Call of Champions – explore mobile LoL-like MOBA on your device!

Did you ask for a mobile MOBA? Did you want a mobile MOBA? Well, it doesn’t matter because now you have a new mobile MOBA you can try on your smartphone! Call of Champions is available on the Google Play Store, it is free and it has in-app purchases too. If you love League of Legends of DotA 2, you will definitely have some time for this little game.


Call of champions



MOBA games have become a hit in the PC world, but they have not managed to infect the mobile device world yet. The games that managed to have some success are inconvenient because a match can take more than 15 minutes. Call of Champions says its matches will only take 5 minutes and they can even last less if the enemy team manages to capture the others’ base via the Orb of Death. If the conquest doesn’t happen, the team with the biggest score wins. The battlefield is also simple because you only have two lanes of combat to deal with.




The game has lots and lots of heroes you can try and some will have to be unlocked with grinding or cash. You get some free heroes if you complete the tutorial and you get another free hero after you complete your first week of play. If you want to give the game another look, you can click on the widget below!


Call of Champions
Call of Champions
Developer: Spacetime Games
Price: Free+
  • Call of Champions Screenshot
  • Call of Champions Screenshot
  • Call of Champions Screenshot
  • Call of Champions Screenshot
  • Call of Champions Screenshot
  • Call of Champions Screenshot
  • Call of Champions Screenshot
  • Call of Champions Screenshot
  • Call of Champions Screenshot
  • Call of Champions Screenshot
  • Call of Champions Screenshot
  • Call of Champions Screenshot
  • Call of Champions Screenshot
  • Call of Champions Screenshot
  • Call of Champions Screenshot
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Humble Mobile Bundle 11: get expensive mobile games by paying what you want for them!

Humble Bundle the mobile edition is back! The eleventh installment is ready for purchase and it has six brand new/popular games in store for you, plus more to come. You can buy them all with a few bucks or wait for the bundle to add more to get the best of the best too!


Humble Bundle


So far, HumbleBundle 11 has offered Avernium: Escape from the Pit, Auro and Bounden in the basic tier. You get these by paying whatever you want. When you pay above the average you will be able to add Riddick: the Merc Files, Kingdom Rush Origins and 80 Days. More games will be added by the end of the week so stay tuned. If you buy the bundle now, you will be getting those games too, especially if you pay the medium amount or more.

The Kingdom Rush Origins is one of the special premium editions where you get all the in-app purchase content unlocked too. Unlocking it with the usual app would cost you another $15-20. The current average price for the bundle is $4.

Source: Humble Mobile Bundle

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[Flash Deals of the Day] Coldplay’s “Ghost Stories” is available for free on Google Play

If you always wanted Coldplay’s “Ghost Stories” album but had no cash to purchase one, hurry up and go to Google Play, where you will find that you can get it for free!!! The deal works for today only so you’ll have to hurry up.




Coldplay’s sixth album was released in May last year and has nine tracks, which means over 40 minutes of British rock. If that’s your cup of tea or you just like to hoard virtual albums given for free, you can head out to the source link to get yours while they’re still there.

At the moment, BC is celebrating its third year of existence and gradually presents the audience with different discounts and free items for short periods of time.

Source: Google Play

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[Deals] Amazon bundle live! – get over 30 apps and games for free!

Amazon Appstore is splurging again! There is a new deal alert that lets customers get more than 30 apps for free today only! In case you were thinking about getting an app or a game from Amazon, check the source link for your favorites, you may just find them there! Amazon says the apps found in this bundle add up to $140 and the most expensive you can get for free is an English dictionary sold for $30.


Amazon bundle


Among the apps you will find in the deal are:

  • Battery HD pro
  • Food Substitutes
  • Guiter Pro
  • Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 5
  • MeteoEarth
  • mSecure
  • Office Secure Professional 8
  • Runtastic Pro
  • Shazam Encore
  • Smart RAM Booster Pro
  • Travel Interpreter.

The games that can entertain you are:

  • Doodle Jump
  • Back to Bed
  • 80 Days
  • Monsters ate my Condo
  • Trivia Track
  • Bag It!
  • Cut the Rope:Experiments
  • Delicious –Emipy’s true Love
  • Glow Hockey 2 Pro
  • Hidden Object: be my Valentine
  • Sorcery 2
  • Ski Safari: Adventure time.

Source: Amazon

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LG offers free Google Cardboard VR if you purchase an LG G3 by the end of the month

LG is offering new customers a deal and it’s giving away free Google Cardboard VR headsets with every LG G3 you buy. Google Cardboard itself is an interesting concept that uses some VR apps with exciting lenses and magnets that are all nicely implemented in some cardboard. Only sometimes it’s plastic and not cardboard.

Google Cardboard


Google LG


LG is giving new buyers a free Cardboard handset, but the promotion only lasts for this month and it’s only available if you buy an LG G3. It is available in select markets and only with a proof of purchase redemption system. The Cardboard system has a three-piece design made of dual lenses placed at optimum distance with a cutout for the phone’s camera and speakers that allow apps to use them.




It is possible for the offer to extend to American carriers soon, but there is no official news yet. This deal could prove to be an interesting and profitable move against Samsung’s Gear VR device, especially since LG decided to partner with Google and take advantage of their workable project Cardboard.

Source: AndroidPolice

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Amazon gives 40 apps worth $130 for free this Black Friday!

Amazon is on a freebie streak and this weekend we get more free apps marked under the Black Friday label. This time, the free apps – 40 in number – are worth $130 you won’t have to pay. If you’re up to no good and flooding your Amazon account seems the best thing to do, go ahead and redeem ALL the apps you can get for free.

Black Friday is, as usual, a great chance for people to spend more money by thinking they spend less, but how about not having to endure that interminable line and getting what you want with a simple tap or click?

 Among the most important names you will find:

  • Angry Birds Seasons
  • EDGE Extended
  • Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary
  • Symphony Of The Origin
  • Alarm Clock Pro
  • A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
  • Quell Memento
  • Wifi Explorer Pro
  • Docs To Go Premium
  • Photo Editor +
  • Bejeweled 2
  • Sonic Jump
  • Perfectly Clear.

Some apps are duplicates for the Kindle Fire devices, but most are compatible with all Android devices. The deal is available all over the world, not only in the US, so head over fast and click away to get your favorite apps for free!

Source: Amazon apps