FlashFire tool gets update – say Hello to Android 6.0 and OTA support

The FlashFire tool from developer Chainfire has been updated today and, starting now, you will not have to manually update every time there is an Android update being released. Rooting has become more of an usual action now, when Android OS keeps changing and maturing, and one measure that made modding a much less desired action is the need to always keep up to date with things via manual updates. Now, FlashFire has added support for OTA packages and for Android 6.0 Marshmallow.       FlashFire’s original purpose was to flash full firmware images and to update ZIP files, as well as backup and restore devices. The latest updates change the use of the app as it can now install OTA packages without the need to re-root your device. It also offers support for Android 6.0 Marshmallow and SuperSU’s systemless root. FlashFire can now restore original boot.img, it can flash official OTA packages and it can re-root a new boot.img or back up an original boot.img without the user’s regular assistance.   As an example, if you want to root a Nexus device and keep updating, the app will almost automatically keep you updated. Remember that you will have to give OTAs an unmodified /system partition in order for them to be installed safely. After a new update has been downloaded, you have to launch FlashFire and it will take care of everything after detecting the package.   Even if the app was originally meant to work on Samsung and Nexus devices only, now […]

FlashFire tool updated: support for Android 6.0 and OTA flashing support added

FlashFire was updated with Android 6.0 and OTA flashing support today. The flashing tool made by XDA dev Chainfire is used for flashing custom ROMs and kernels without having to go to recovery during the procedure.     FlashFire has been updated to version v0.26 and it just became compatible with Marshmallow. The update also brings the ability to flash OTAs on Android 6.0.   With the update, Nexus users in Android 6.0 who are using SuperSU will be able to install OTA updates with the use of the tool when SuperSU is used in the default systemless mode with unmodified kernels, /system or /vendor. When an OTA will arrive on your device you can download it and then open FlashFire, which will in turn detect the downloaded update and it will generate actions. The flash option will let you install the OTA on rooted systems and root again. This should make rooting after an over-the-air update much easier.   FlashFire’s update improves flashing full firmwares and it gets moreĀ support for additional partitions and archive formats. Chainfire does make a warning though: you should not flash Samsung’s 6.0 beta firmware. Since this is an update to a beta app, you should expect things to go sideways here and there. Users should make backups before using the tool in order to keep their data safe.   You can download the app via the Google Beta system or from Chainfire’s private server. For more info, check the XDA forums in the source link below.   Source: XDA, […]