NuMi – a new nutrition and fitness app that aims to help you in your fight against overweight

Just in case you were wondering how you can get determined to lose some of that extra weight (in case you need it), there’s a new app ready to help you out. NuMi is a new piece of software coming from NutriSystem that adjusts a person’s lifestyle to help them lose that unwanted weight. The app allows users to log their meals, calorie consumption, water intake, activities and passions in order to create real and personalized recommendations for each individual.

The app then recommends where you should eat if you go out or what you could prepare for yourself if you stay at home. You can pick from around 12.000 recipes based on dietary preferences as well. It also includes restaurant chain recommendations based on the preferred cuisine, be it Italian, Asian, Mexican or good old American. Users can also check the common behaviors that lead to gaining weight, such as slip ups, victories and wobbles in the fight with those pesky extra kilos.

You can track your daily progress and contact a team of experts live that can encourage you and give you real-time advice. The app allows for the construction of grocery lists and a bar code scanner to always know how many calories you consume at every meal.

 NuMi is not a free app though, but you can try it out for free for a limited time. You may be asked to give your billing information just to check the app though.  


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