New Android ad on YouTube – you too are a unique fingerprint in the world

A new Android ad popped up on YouTube today, and it looks pretty funny and mysterious if you ask me. The premise of this clip is that everyone in the world is uniquely wonderful – exactly like fingerprints. The ad shows lots of finger people being their colorful and funny selves while coming together to have lots and lots of fun.



It’s a fun nice adorable Android ad, but we don’t have a clear reason for it yet. There is no hint behind it apart from the Android logo at the end. What could it be? A fingerprint sensor for a new device maybe? We shall see. Don’t be surprised if you see this ad – truncated or not – on TV, because it could have a nice pull. It is uploaded only on YouTube at the moment.


Source: YouTube



Samsung Galaxy S6 to have a redesign haul – reportedly copying an iPhone feature

Samsung Galaxy S6 is rumored to be a whole new device, at least in terms of design, as the South-Korean manufacturer is investing in changing the looks of its prized flagship. Massively improved specs and a new look made with new materials are in order as the age of change is upon us… again.




One thing that Galaxy S6 will be “borrowing” from its sworn enemy – the iPhone – is the fingerprint scanner. The S5 swipe-like fingerprinter will be put aside by a more button-y sensor similar to that of Apple’s TouchID sensor that has touch-based recognition in the home button. This basically means that the next Galaxy will have a larger home button than its predecessors.

Do you think Samsung would actually take the competition’s technology and make it their own? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Techradar