Alphabet bought Google! Who owns the company that now owns Google?

Google has officially become a subsidiary of Alphabet. This may sound as an incredible deal but wait until you find out what Alphabet really means. Google just evolved into an umbrella-corporation that has bought itself, among other important projects. Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin will still hold the reins of the new conglomerate as CEO and president while Google the subsidiary will be run by Sundar Pichai.


Alphabet mock page



As CEO and president of Alphabet, Page and Brin will supervise their affiliate companies, including Google, and different projects such as Calico (a life-extension project) and Wing (a drone delivery system). Google’s own early-stage funding operations titled Ventures and Capital will have their own organizational structures involving CEOs and leadership, but Pichai and Google are still in charge of the original apps, ads, maps, YouTube, Android and the Play Store.


A recent blog post gave us a vague idea on what companies will be sharing Alphabet’s watchful eye and a placeholder site is up as well ( The gist of the situation is that every letter of the alphabet has a project or company attached to it. There are some letters that have not been assigned yet and we do not know where all of Google/Alphabet’s existing projects and pieces will fall.


Here is Alphabet’s ABC so far:


  • Alphabet – the parent company
  • B – possibly Boston Dynamics
  • Calico (longevity project)
  • Capital (investment)
  • Fiber
  • Google
  • Hooli
  • Life Sciences (glucose-sensing contact lens)
  • Nest
  • Ventures (investment)
  • X lab ( Wing – the drone delivery system).


Sundar Pichai, the former Chrome OS and Android chief officer, is now brought to a more preeminent position where he has more of a decisional pull than ever. This news kind of broke the Internet – or at least the tech-y site of it – earlier today because the announcement came from left field, but it seems that something has been changing from within Google for a while now.


The two founders have shown interest for more and more ambitious projects they either launched through Google X or different funding programs. Alphabet becomes the formalization of this “division” as it separates Google from everything new and ambitious that in the past may have meant a distraction, at least in the eyes of the media and public. It appears that the new divisions opening up are going to only increase the focus on Google’s products and future opportunities that may change the future.


Source: The Verge


Google Fiber to extend to four new hubs : Nashville, Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte

Google Fiber is spreading around and it will soon reach Nashville, Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte. In the upcoming months, residents of these four metro areas will be some of the most envied people on the internet because they will get access to the holy grail of the interwebs while everyone else gets even greener with envy.


Google Fiber network hubs


Google Fiber will be available in 18 cities across these four metro areas and this means symmetrical up and down gigabit speeds with no cap at $70 a month. You can, of course, add TV service to the deal as well.

Other three metro areas are included in the Google Fiber network already and four other cities could be added soon. The network will be designed over the next few months with city officials before the rollout actually begins.

Source: Google Blog


Google Fiber app update – custom guides, TV controls and filters for the lockscreen, the Notification Drawer and Android Wear

Google Fiber app got a recent update with some nifty new features that improve every user’s experience. People who got the Google Fiber access are few and envied and they get updates to the service they can use on a daily basis. Fiber is not only a medium for fast Internet access but also for TV service with support from Google.

The latest update to Google Fiber IPTV brings about custom guides, TV controls and filters for the lockscreen, the Notification Drawer and for the Android Wear device, of course.

You get controls on the lockscreen and Android Wear and you can get the same utilities on your notification drawer similar to Chromecast. Users can also create sections with their favorite channels in order to avoid useless and time-consuming flipping through tons of listings they don’t care about. The said filters allow users to mark their favorite sports channels, movies or even streaming content, and they can all be seen at once.

Other updates are a few UI improvements and the bug fixes. You can find Google Fiber app on the Google Playstore for free!


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