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Android 6.0 factory images for Nexus 6P builds released by Google

Google posted Android 6.0 factory images for its newest Nexus devices, in this instance Nexus 6P. The early buyers are receiving their new Nexus devices as we speak, and Google is ready to release their factory images too. The Nexus 5X builds became available last week, almost immediately after launch, and now the 6P version is also being made available for some builds.


Nexus 6P



Google just listed the builds for MDB08K and MDA89D. Other builds will get their Marshmallow factory images released in due time. It is possible that these devices are Project Fi compatible.


Keep in mind that, for the factory images to work, you will need a Nexus 6P with an unlocked bootloader or else you will not be able to flash a factory image. This also means you will erase every piece of data you can find on your device. Keep things in mind before proceeding to modding, tinkering or otherwise messing with your Android device.


Source: Nexus 6P factory images

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Nexus 6 from T Mobile gets factory image for Android 5.1.1

T Mobile’s own version of Nexus 6 is getting an update to Android 5.1.1 via the factory image you will find on Google’s server. This brings the device to build number LYZ28E, and it is available specifically for phones with T Mobile SIM cards.


Nexus 6


This OTA brings about minor bug fixes and improvements as well as Wi-Fi calling, meaning people can now get call access even in areas where service is poor or missing altogether. The update is 125MB in size.


If you are eager to get your official update, you can head over to the source link and download the factory image that you can manually flash afterwards.

Source: Google

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Nexus 6 Android 5.1 build images available on Google’s factory image download page

Nexus 6 Android 5.1 build images are now available. The LMY47E build is now available on the Google factory image download page just a week after it leaked online in a mysterious way.


Nexus 6


The LMY47D build is already rolled out to Nexus 6 by Google in OTA form but it is yet unclear whether it will be sent to all Nexus 6 devices or only to Verizon property. It is a factory image, which means it will not break anything if you flash it on your Google flagship. You should back everything up though, just in case.

Source: LMY47E factory image

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Google posted Android 5.1 system images for Nexus handsets

Google started posting Android 5.1 factory images on the developer page and now you can bring your Nexus back from the brink of disaster. Google didn’t push images for all of the devices yet, but the list is getting bigger and bigger.




As long as you have access to fastbot, you will be able to flash the system image without problems. You will also find updated binaries with the drivers needed to run ROMs on the devices you update. In order to flash a factory image, you will need an unlocked bootloader.

You can download the image for your device from the list below:

Nexus 5

Nexus 6

Nexus 7 (2012 wifi)

Nexus 10.

Source: Nexus binaries, Nexus factory images

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Android 5.0.1 version LRX22C factory images on AOSP – the first Lollipop update has arrived

Android 5.0.1 version LRX22C is on AOSP now and it even has factory images to go with it. The long awaited update to Lollipop is already receiving a little update itself, an update that became official today.

Lollipop 5.0.1

The update will be coming to Android Wear soon as well, and it alludes to better battery life for wearables. The OTA will fix some newly appeared issues and, until the push is completed, we will have to wait.

Nexus 9 and Nexus 7 2013 WiFi versions and the Nexus 10 can be grabbed from Google’s download page, which means that, if you have such a device, you can download your update and flash it.


Nexus 6, Nexus9 and Nexus Player get official factory images on Google Devs page

The first Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 factory images are finally live and you can find them on Google Devs. The Nexus 6 image is codenamed LRX21O and the third Nexus 9 factory image available has the codename LRX21R.


Nexus binaries



The Nexus Player is getting its update as well, and it is codenamed LRX21V. These binaries will help stabilize the devices even more, as previous ROMs showed that not all bugs were fixed. Don’t think that this OTA is pure perfection either, as bugs always get found and need to be fixed and changes must be applied.


You can find the Nexus 6 binaries HERE, the Nexus 9 most recent factory image HERE and Nexus Player binaries HERE.

Happy flashing!


Source: Google Devs