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Dell announces Venue 10 tablets destined for educational greatness

Dell announced a new tablet focused on education today. Venue 10 is part of an education-oriented product system running on Lollipop Android. The device will also have a Windows 8.1 “twin” and they will both debut this spring. The devices will probably not be available in many places and they will not look like high-end tablets, but they may prove to be interesting enough.


Dell tablet keyboard


Dell’s Venue 10 will have 10.1 inch screens with HD or Full HD resolution. They will come paired with Wacom digitizers which will make them ready for true active stylus input; that means the stylus will probably be sold separately. Among the accessories users can get is the keyboard used mainly for easy typing and Lenovo-type functionality.


Dell tablet


Venue 10 will have Intel Atom processors with probably 10 hours of life, microSD slots and USB and microUSB ports. An important feature for the school relevance side of the tablet is the network activity light which alerts teachers when students are using the web. The tablet also has NFC support.

Both Venue 10 devices will sell for $299 when they release later in 2015, or they will be available for purchase for $349 with a keyboard.

Source: Dell PR via AndroidPolice


Planets – the app that teaches you everything about our solar system

Planets app is a new-ish addition to the Google PlayStore and it helps users connect with the Universe or at least with the Solar System. The universe fascinates people and gives birth to all sorts of fantasies and extraterrestrial dreams. The mystery of space always draws people in and while some want to find out more and go to observatories or dream about trips into space, others choose to stay on Earth and use interesting software to quench their thirst for the unknown.

Planets app is a new piece of software created by AMQTech, one of the junior members in XDA devs, and what it does is provide its users with statistics and interesting facts regarding planets. It has a simple and distinguishable interface and gives pertinent information everyday users can easily understand. The application is user-friendly and compacts information regarding every major object found in our Solar System. The app is free but has in-app purchases and is compatible with all Android devices 4.1 and up.

You can find Planets HERE!