New Android Wear themed smartwatch faces you can download!

This year was full of wearable device launches, most of them Android Wear smartwatches and bands. This means that we get more and more choices when it comes to pairing your smartphones with wearables. Among the most important OEMs that adventured in the wearable niche market we can count LG, ASUS, Huawei, Motorola, Samsung, Sony […]

The app listings on Google Search get an overhaul

The app listings in Google Search just received a makeover today. Google Search keeps improving itself in result options and looks and the latest feature to get an overhaul is the App listing. This feature has been around for a while now, but it was pretty flat design-wise. Everything will change now that     […]

Ascend P8 rumored in China: read about the new Huawei device here

There’s a new rumor in town, and it could mean a new Ascend product is on its way to store shelves soon. Ascend P8 could come out of the closet really soon and it is the younger brother Ascend P7 always wanted. Reports from China show some details regarding the new device, but not all […]

Apple hides iPhone 6 bulge in official photos

Apple’s design team may have screwed up a little when it comes to iPhone 6’s slimness and streamlined profile comments. It seems that an unpleasant bulge is breaking the harmony in iPhone 6’s new looks and that bulge comes from the camera. You won’t spot it in promotional photos though, as it seems the rendered […]