Dell Venue 10 7000 – a work-related tablet with Intel RealSense 3D Cameras

Dell just announced a work-oriented tablet named Venue 10 7000 you can buy starting today at the venerable price of $499. The device is similar to the Venue 8 model in the sense that it sports an asymmetrical bezel design with a “bottom” that hides the speakers and that can lock to a dock or keyboard.


Dell tablket


Dell Venue 10 has a 10.5” OLED screen sporting a 2560x1600p resolution and under its hood you can find an Atom Z3580processor with 2 GB of RAM, and 16/32 GB of storage. The device also has Intel RealSense  3D cameras and comes with Android 5.0 out of the box.



The 16 GB model is sold for $629 with a keyboard dock, whereas the 32GB version can also be found accompanied by a keyboard dock for $679.

Source: Dell



Microsoft allies with Samsung, Dell and other OEMs to preinstall Office and Skype to new devices

Microsoft is trying to spread onto the mobile market and, if its OS didn’t work exactly as desired, some things should still be tried to help the tech market leaders maintain their position. The company decided to take a flagship product and use it to preload on more mobile devices. We’re talking about Office, of course.




Microsoft just announced a partnership with a few OEMs in order to have Office and possible Skype shipped right out of the box to some new devices. The most important partners are Samsung and Dell, along with Pegatron. Samsung is the biggest addition and it already announced it will have Office apps on Galaxy S6 and its future devices will have them as well.

Microsoft also signed agreements with some regional manufacturers, including: TrekStor (Germany), Tecno (Africa), JP Sa Couto (Portugal), Hipstreet (Canada), QMobile (Pakistan), DEXP
(Russia), Datamatic (Italy), and Casper (Turkey).

Source: Microsoft

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Dell announces Venue 10 tablets destined for educational greatness

Dell announced a new tablet focused on education today. Venue 10 is part of an education-oriented product system running on Lollipop Android. The device will also have a Windows 8.1 “twin” and they will both debut this spring. The devices will probably not be available in many places and they will not look like high-end tablets, but they may prove to be interesting enough.


Dell tablet keyboard


Dell’s Venue 10 will have 10.1 inch screens with HD or Full HD resolution. They will come paired with Wacom digitizers which will make them ready for true active stylus input; that means the stylus will probably be sold separately. Among the accessories users can get is the keyboard used mainly for easy typing and Lenovo-type functionality.


Dell tablet


Venue 10 will have Intel Atom processors with probably 10 hours of life, microSD slots and USB and microUSB ports. An important feature for the school relevance side of the tablet is the network activity light which alerts teachers when students are using the web. The tablet also has NFC support.

Both Venue 10 devices will sell for $299 when they release later in 2015, or they will be available for purchase for $349 with a keyboard.

Source: Dell PR via AndroidPolice

News Tablets

Dell Venue 8 7000 confirmed by Dell and Intel – the world’s new thinnest tablet

Dell Venue 8 7000 series will be one of the first Android-running tablets from Dell and it appears the device will launch sometime soon (The Verge says it will arrive in time for the holidays). Venue 7000 has a rather vintage look with a slim body at its 6mm of thickness and it seems to surpass Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact’s most slim tablet in the world.

Venue 8 has little to no bezels with its speakers positioned at the topside near the front-facing camera.  The Dell tablet will be the first such device to sport Intel’s Real Sense depth-mapping tech. the feature uses three cameras on the back of the tablet which allow for post-capture refocusing and other options (space measurements, selective color exclusion based on distance).

Venue 8 has a light aluminum body with an OLED 8.4” display running at 2560 x 1600p Quad HD that allows the user to see beautiful and sharp images. We don’t know Dell’s price tag yet, but we will keep you posted as soon as we find out.

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