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[App of the week] Meerkat – the live streaming service connected to social media steps on Periscope competition with a stable Android version

Meerkat just stepped on the competition by announcing the release of its first stable 1.0 build, well ahead of the direct competitor Periscope. The little social media app managed it all without the help of huge companies like Twitter and without postponing the Android app version like other apps (*cough, looking at you Periscope, *cough).




The social media streaming app has been taking its time in releasing the first stable 1.0 build by minutiously changing things like duplicate tweets, video freezes, notifications and streaming over its closed beta release.

Just in case you don’t know what this app is, Meerkat is a live video streaming service that lets users peek and comment on live videos others are willing to share. It does not have a past broadcast or re-run option so you either catch the live show or you miss it. It does however save the video locally for the person streaming and it delivers instant notifications to followers when you start streaming.


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Watch the new Android Wear teaser while waiting for the Apple Watch unveiling

Everyone is eager to formally meet the new Apple Watch, but until then we will show you the most recent Android Wear ad. This little commercial features tons of youngsters wearing different circular and square watches with distinct faces. The different watches contrast with the Apple watch where you will be able to see many many swappable bands with square faces and bulging crowns.




This little teaser is probably meant to diminish Apple’s attempt at a new and unique presentation of its wearable. As  long as each device manages to draw in the public and get good reviews, they are good to go.

Source: AndroidPolice