Cyanogen Camera shows up in Play Store – CyanogenMod 11S exclusive

Cyanogen Camera is a new app coming straight from the CyanogenMod team and you can already find it on the Google Playstore. The camera app is only available to CM11 S ROM versions that launched on the OnePlusOne device earlier this year and it won’t help you much otherwise at the moment. Individuals who own the device can already head out on the app official page where they will soon find more updates as well.

For now, the Cyanogen Camera app is exclusive to OnePlus One devices, but it was put in the marketplace to make updates a much easier process to implement.

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HTC One M8 EYE on sale in China!

HTC One M8 EYE can now be found on the market! On the Chinese market to be exact. A few weeks ago, the Internet flamed with rumors regarding an updated HTC M8 with a 13 MP camera, but then all western dreams were crushed when we found out the device would be a China and India exclusive.

The new EYE is now available for sale in China and it will soon be imported to India as well. No new news regarding the other half of the world however.

On an up note, all of the recent HTC devices got better cameras with more pixels involved. The new Desire EYE has much of the M8 hardware specs plus not one but TWO 13 MP cameras. Let’s hope HTC continues with this trend and its next flagship will have potent cameras as well.

Source: AndroidPolice

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HTC teasing camera-style device on Youtube weeks ahead of its event in New York

HTC is teasing its newest addition to possibly popular devices with a teaser for its October 8th event held in New York. It seems that the teased product could be a GoPro style camera with some neat little details.

It seems that the camera or some of its accessories are water resistant and it appears that the lens is wide-angled. The product could have high-FPS functionality and Slow Motion features as well.

It is unclear so far if the HTC device is a camera in itself, the camera function of a smartphone or tablet or a hybrid altogether. The promotional teaser is uploaded on YouTube and you can watch it below. You will also find it on with an interesting logo of its own. The name REcamera could even be the name of the device or its codename, even if it didn’t draw that much attention so far.

HTC’s Selfie-themed event will take place on October 8th in New York. Stay tuned!

Source: Twitter


Apple hides iPhone 6 bulge in official photos

Apple’s design team may have screwed up a little when it comes to iPhone 6’s slimness and streamlined profile comments. It seems that an unpleasant bulge is breaking the harmony in iPhone 6’s new looks and that bulge comes from the camera. You won’t spot it in promotional photos though, as it seems the rendered images have cut out the bulge completely.


iphone 6 bulge


The latest iPhone is slimmed down to just 6.9mm, but its rear is just a bit unbalanced by the camera bulge. It seems that on the website you won’t find the detail in the big pictures, whereas in reality you will definitely notice it. The official press released images have been altered as well so in most pictures you will not see anything to curve the perfect lines of the iPhone 6.

Of course nobody wants to see unpleasant bulges, but they should not just be cut off in post-processing. The move could mean perfect lighting, trickery or innovative placement, but in the end it seems like it has purposely been cut to make the ads more appealing to possible customers.

Source: TheVerge

Photo source: Apple 

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Panasonic’s LUMIX Smart Camera DSC-M1 is a camera-smartphone hybrid

Panasonic is following on Samsung’s steps and launches its own super-camera ready to mount on a phone. We are talking about the LUMIX Smart Camera DSC-M1, a little point and shoot camera that compresses an entire Android phone on its back.


Lumix DSC-M1



The smartphone face of the camera is a high-end device with a 2.3 Ghz Snapdragon 800 processor and 2 GB of RAM, a 4.7” 1080p display and a stock version of KitKat. It appears that the camera sensor is one of the best around, with its 1” length and 20 MPs. It is found behind the Leica F/2.8 28 mm lens with a manual focusing ring.

The device has physical buttons that allow users to engage with the camera app and make it resemble a full-on camera. The device presents manual controls for aperture, exposure, aperture and ISO 4K video shooting in full DSLR style.


Lumix Smart Camera phone is a bit thick for its overall appearance at 21 mm, even if it is a little small for a camera, by comparison. It also has a microSD slot and is powered by a 2600 mAh battery and its only weak point could be the one intended to be its most powerful one: the lens doesn’t move so users will not be able to zoom in or out on their subjects.

LUMIX DSC-CM1 has a nice metal and faux leather body and it will go on sale starting November in Germany and France. It appears the device will be sold for around $1164 (900 euro). The device will propagate on the European market, but AndroidPolice thinks it will never reach the US market.

Source: Panasonic 


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PixtoCam – a remote viewfinder and shutter for Android phones

PixtoCam is the newest member in the Android Wear app category that controls your phone’s camera. Apparently, this little piece of software is much more than what the other apps on the market offer and takes things to a whole new level.

Now the remote viewfinder works in video and photo mode, and thus becomes much more flexible than with other apps. The app makes the Android Wear watch resemble a remote screen and it can be activated even when the phone is still asleep, and it can switch between front and back camera as well. It reacts as a switch for the LED and readout for the battery and charging status.

PixtoCam is not free on the Google Play Store, but it works with any combination of Android 4.0.3+ tablet or phone and Wear device, while some may not be able to remotely transmit videos. If you want to give it a try, click below!

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