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CyanogenMod unifies nightly ROMs for all Moto X versions

CyanogenMod released a unified nightly ROM for all US editions of Motorola Moto X 2013 edition. Previously, most of the US carrier versions of Moto X got their own nightly build, after which the ROMs were unified to correspond to all Motorola Qualcomm S4-based phones, including the DROIDDs. All the Moto X builds are now unified under a new banner that bears the codename Ghost.

According to CyanogenMod, the ROMs under Ghost name should work for all available unlocked versions of the Moto X, meaning that the International GSM model is included. T Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and US Cellular versions are included as well. The nightly will not work on the standard AT&T, Verizon and Republic Wireless versions which have locked bootloaders that cannot be unlocked by users.

The Ghost nightlies are the only versions left on the CyanogenMod page destined for Moto X. Custom voice control and notification enhancements will not be available in the CyanogenMod ROMs even though they are official to Motorola.

Source: CyanogenMod

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Xperia Z2 GSM version CyanogenMod nightly update

Xperia Z2 tablet gets a nightly update from CyanogenMod and you can now implement it if you want. The Sony Z2 tablet may not be the best of the bunch, but it seems to have a pretty large base of fans who love its industrial design. The CyanogenMod team has begun publishing nightly fixes for the Wi Fi device and for the GSM version as well.

This fix allows users to get rid of the Sony skin and use a more stock version of Android KitKat 4.4.4, with various ROM options and settings. As usually, nightly builds are a risk for users, so you should always backup your system before baking it.

Verizon’s LTE Xperia Z2 version will have a locked bootloader, as the US carrier usually sells its products, therefore, the chances of baking your device are much slimmer since ROM support will be limited.

You can find the nightly build by clicking HERE!


Motorola RAZR M and RAZR HD bootloaders can be unlocked now!

A new root method allows Motorola RAZR M and RAZR HD to be rooted thanks to Motopocalypse, an .apk file that had the power to unlock Motorola devices a little over a year ago. Even if the recent updates to RAZR M and RAZR HD give a locked bootloader and the possibilities to root your device are basically null, creative devs from XDA find new and new ways to solve this problem.

Not thanks to towelroot they can be unlocked for a short period of time, until the Motorola device gets new updates. Even if those who still have a warranty for their phone and don’t want to void it should not follow the following steps, here’s what you need to do to release your Motorola device from the clutches of its maker and US carriers.

You will find dozens of various successes on XDA Devs page for this line of phones, but what you basically have to do is install towelroot and Motopocalypse, run towelroot and then verify the root, run Motopocalypse and that’s it!

Roots and bootloader unlocks are not recommended because they void warranties and users cannot reverse their phones to lock mode after unlocking, but just in case you feel sorry you didn’t unlock your Motorola RAZR M or RAZR HD in the first place, you are welcome to try now. You can also thank geohut and djrbliss on XDA Devs for this nifty solution.

Tips/ Tutorials

TWRP support for Sony Xperia Z2 – get ready to back up your info before flashing ROMs

TWRP support is now available for the Sony Xperia Z2. Most Android enthusiasts get to a point in life where their only desire is to mod their device, flash a custom ROM or tinker about, and they can’t do that safely without a custom recovery.  The Team Win Recovery Project (which is what TWRP means) is probably the best solution out there, and now it offers support to Sony’s Xperia Z2.

Sony Xperia Z2, source Prepayasyougo/ Flickr
Sony Xperia Z2, source Prepayasyougo/ Flickr

TWRP helps users back up their device so that any ROMs or ZIP files flashed will not render it unusable in the future. Considering the fact that novice devs and modders usually get into trouble, backing up everything on your smartphone or tablet before tinkering is the best and most recommended option.

The image file from TWRP can be flashed by using a fastbot and you will find more instructions on the devs page HERE!


TWRP support for One Plus One (codename Bacon)

One Plus One is now ready to support TWRP, the custom recovery used to flash ROMs and ZIP files and backup devices. One Plus One remains a pretty expensive device but at least after you buy it (if you’re lucky) you can tinker with its software safely at your own peril.

Developers or modders in general already know they NEED TWRP if they intend on getting their hands dirty with their devices. The device codename is Bacon – what can be juicier, right? – and it can be flashed through fastbot if the user has an unlocked bootloader.

Sadly, not many Android lovers will get a One Plus One that fast, since the devices can be bought only through invitation ( very hard to get invitations!)