New Oppo phone leaked online: the world needs no bezels no more!

Are you a fan of phones with little to no bezels? Well, then you’re in luck, as the newest Oppo phone just leaked on a Chinese site shows almost no bezels to begin with. The revolution is upon us as more and more new phones come with larger and larger screens and smaller and smaller bezels.




The new unnamed phone uses curved glass on the edges of the screen to make it look even more “invisible” when it comes to its bezels. The screen is supposedly a 5.5” with Oppo’s ColorOS Android skin. The top and bottom of the device have broader bezels as they need room for cameras and jacks or charging slots.

This new look is mostly a wow factor decision considering the fact that phantom touches can trigger movement on the device as you are just holding it. As you can see from the photos above, the person holding the device is touching the screen and that could become a rather large hindrance, all depending on software.

An official announcement for the Oppo phone with basically no side bezels will be made soon.

Source: AndroidPolice

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LG creates the thinnest bezel smartphone display – when will it reach the market?

Fans of thin bezel smartphones, be amazed! LG’s newest creation may just produce the biggest shock yet as a new device has just seen the light of day and it seems more Sci-Fi like than anything else!

LG’s new smartphone has a full HD display with bezels as slim as 0.7mm. Only the left and right edges of the screen are this “thick” and the futuristic look will amaze even Japanese competitors like Sharp Aquos Crystal.

LG Display managed this result by using a new Neo Edge process where the circuit board, backlight and touch panel from a display are sealed into one unit. It should block light leakages and turn the display itself water and dust-proof. The 5.3” display will be mass-produced starting November and it will be released first in China.

Source: The Verge