Nexus 6P Gold edition available in the US Google Store and on Best Buy

Nexus 6P launched in November and back then it was available in three colors: Aluminum, Graphite and Frost. The lucky folks in Japan were able to get a Gold edition phone if they chose to, and it was purchasable directly from the Google Store too! Everyone else was jealous and thought they were ripped off a great color! If you are from the US, you too can now own a Nexus 6P clad in gold. You can purchase the device through Best Buy and Google Store.


Nexus 6P gold edition



What makes this 6P version different is its exterior appearance. Everything else is identical to the usual Nexus 6P. You get 32 or 64GB variants which cost $499-549.


The new gold edition version of Nexus should be live in the US starting today. If you really want as 6P dressed in gold, you will have to stay tuned on Google Store and Best Buy because we have a feeling they will be sold out pretty fast!


Source: Google Store


Deals News

[Deal alert] Buy a Chromecast and get free Google Play store credits!

If you want a cheap Chromecast and a deal to go with it, look no further than the Google Store! You don’t even have to buy the device exclusively from Google; you can purchase it from Walmart or Best Buy and the deal will still be in place.


Chromecast deal



This is the deal: you buy a Chromecast for $30 and get $20 in Google Play Store credits. You get the $20 worth of credits once you activate the device. Hurry up because we don’t know how long this deal will last. Happy shopping!


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Accessories News

Asus Zen Watch available for purchase in Best Buy for $199.99

Asus Zen Watch will be available on the US market starting tomorrow and you can get it for as low as $199.99. Apparently, Best Buy is where you should be if you really want to get one of these babies because it will take some time before the device gets on Google Play Store.

The device itself is a strange accessory with a square shape that tries to be more of a traditional accessory than a tech wonder (take LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live for example). Considering the price, you could say this is the best-looking smartwatch you could buy at the moment.

It appears that Asus Zen Watch will be the first watch to have customized software, as opposed to most of the existing smartwatches out there which present nearly identical interfaces and experiences. It does have a nice-looking square-ish AMOLED display with customizable strap options.

The smartwatch does have some drawbacks, including the lack of an ambient light sensor and GPS. It may not be an ugly device, but it’s not the best on the market either. You can get it at a much better price than the competition though.

Source: TechCrunch


LG Lifeband Touch on Best Buy for $149.99

LG Lifeband is now available on Best Buy at a decent price of $149.99. The fitness tracker is available in two sizes and it pretty much does what you expect a fitness touch tracker to do.

The device tracks steps, measures distance and speed and it allows users to set workout run times, calorie burn, pace, climbs and activity vs inactivity periods. It can sync with your phone and show you text messages and calls and offers media playback controls. You control everything on your phone with the help of a 0.9-inch OLED display. Even if the device does not have heart rate monitors, it is compatible with other heart rate monitors and apps.

Lg Lifeband Touch ad, source Best Buy
Lg Lifeband Touch ad, source Best Buy

The LG Lifeband Touch includes Bluetooth LE support; it is compatible with LG’s proprietary fitness app and is water-resistant. It also presents a 3D accelerometer and has a long-lasting battery (up to 2-3 days of usage). The device is compatible with any phone and tablet with Android 4.2 and up.

On Best Buy you will find the medium and large sizes at $149.99.