Best Fiends: puzzle your way through enemies and win money for charities!

Best Fiends is a game that wants to change everything that is bad in the world by letting you have fun and helping charities at the same time. With over 20,000,000 downloads, the game is one of the most popular free adventures with in-app purchases you will find out there. Plus, you can disable the in-app purchase feature from the settings menu if you want to be sure you will not accidentally disclose any credit card info.     Best Fiends is a cross-breed between Candy Crush and Angry Birds and it takes you in the world of Minutia, where you will have to solve all sorts of puzzles and collect cute characters. You will have to defeat slugs and level up in more than 300 different levels that mean hours and hours of mobile fun to be had.   Best Fiends official story   Just like any good game that respects itself and its public, BF has a nice and emotional story to guide you in your puzzle adventures. The villagers of Minutia have lived in proverbial peace and harmony since forever, but when a meteor smashes into Mount Boom, everything is in danger as the resident Slugs have been transformed into evil greenish creatures that took everyone hostage. A handful of Best Fiends remain free and they must level up, become stronger and defeat the Slugs in order to save their loved ones. You are the one that will help them succeed.       If this didn’t win you over yet, you […]

[Deal of the day] Amazon app deal with over 30 apps and games worth $110

Welcome to Amazon’s deal day! This offer lasts one day only (ok, maybe 3) and it gets you $110 worth of games! Every now and then, Amazon likes to give its customers free stuffs in the form of apps and games, and today is such a day. Today’s deal lasts until May 16th 11:59PM PST.     The offer itself includes over 30 titles which cumulatively cost over $110. The most resonating titles include Game of Thrones, Five nights at Freddy’s 3, Sorcery!, Angry Birds Seasons, Bike Race Pro and Photo Studio PRO. You get games, apps, office utilities, language learning apps and finance management or photo manipulating applications. You can get to the Amazon offer page by clicking the source link below. Here are the games you can get: Game Of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 Bloons TD 5 Bike Race Pro Angry Birds Seasons HD (Kindle Tablet Edition) (Pictured) Sorcery! 3 Toca Kitchen (Kindle Tablet Edition) Cooking Dash Deluxe Grudgeball: Enter the Chaosphere Angry Birds Seasons (Ad-Free) Sago Mini Space Explorer Time Mysteries 2: The Ancient Spectres Empress of the Deep: The Darkest Secret Rebuild Star Traders 4X Empires Elite Star Command Mini Golf Mundo SUPER WHY ABC Adventures: Alphabet Peppy Pals Beach – Fun EQ for Kids Royal Envoy (Premium) Highrise Word Heroes+ Apps you can get for free: Photo Studio PRO Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson AVG AntiVirus PRO Android Security Mirroring360 – AirPlay Receiver Xtralogic Remote Desktop Client PicShop – Photo Editor Perfectly Clear Smart […]

Angry Birds Transformers – yet another angry flying (transformer) birdy game!

Angry Birds Transformers – the world of Android gaming is wide and diversified, and the panoply of Angry Birds games is no exception, as it has some spin-offs and attempts of its own of controlling the mobile gaming world. This time, the birds have done the unthinkable and stepped up their game in the fight with piggies by transforming into Autobots! But wait, the pigs are armored like Decepticons too, oh my!     Each level allows you to choose a transformer that will run through the level as you tap on objects in the background for your avatar to blast. Your ultimate goal is to destroy all the pigs when knocking over the towers, but you will have a limited time to destroy the supports with lasers as you run towards and past them. Your transformer can speed up in order to avoid being hit or smashed by something.     The game itself is free to play, but you will be periodically attacked by pop-up ads. Of course, you can spend money to help you win the game, ranging from $4.99 to $99.90. You can earn extra crystals to help you upgrade faster. In case you’re not tired of Angry Birds yet, give Transformers a try below. [googleplay url=””]  

Angry Birds Stella in the Google Play Store – the pink bird, the evil pig and the in-app purchases

Angry Birds Stella is the newest game addition to the Google Play Store, and it shows promise in taking over your world. The little angry ( and money-hungry) birds are back, and this time they’re lead by the fancy Stella, the pink bird you only saw as a stand-in for Princess Leia in the Star Wars versions of the game. The game has a bit of a story but don’t start thinking about any lore now, you won’t get THAT much story going on. The gameplay is the usual: you fling birds around, kill pigs and earn them stars to move on to the next level in the process. You can even unlock certain costumes for each character as you progress. The in-app purchases are not missing either, because after the first few levels you will start to be bothered by those pesky ads too. There’s no way to get past those and the annoying videos that pop up and force you to watch them. You can also purchase in-game coins in bunches starting from 150 for $1.99 or you can splurge and get the maximum 7500 coins for $54.99. You can earn coins the hard way, in the game, but the progression is pretty slow. What do you need the coins for anyway? For power-ups to win a level, of course! Angry Birds Stella is free in the Google Play Store and you can check it out in the widget below. [pb-app-box pname=’com.rovio.angrybirdsstella’ name=’Angry Birds Stella’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]