[Deal alert] Android Pay purchases made with Nexus devices earn you gift cards!

Do you have a Nexus device? Do you use Android Pay? Then you could be eligible for a gift! Google just announced that if you use Android Pay on a Nexus device by December 31st 2015 you will get a $20 Best Buy e-gift card added to your digital card wallet. These gift cards are limited in number, which means that the promotion could end before December 31st if everybody and their friends uses it.       All you need to know is that if you have Android Pay on Nexus 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 5X or 6P and you use it, you are eligible for an e-gift card. You get one gift card per account and if you use Android Pay on a non-Nexus device you will not be eligible for this deal. If you hurry and start spending with Android Pay, you may just get a gift yourself!   The gift card will be added to your Android Pay app in a few days after you tap and pay. It does not matter what you buy or where you buy it from as long as Android Pay is supported as payment.   Source: Google  

Android Pay v1.1 update – small bug fixes (APK download)

Android Pay has been around for some time now, and it is high time for an update. Version 1.1 is the most recent update and it already started to rollout to supported devices out there. Most changes are little bug fixes, mostly text adjustments, and you will not see big changes anywhere. If you are used to the app though, you will find this update helpful because you will not have as many issues as in the past.       The most important change is a fix for the membership cards and loyalty cards that do not show up on a new device where you install the app. Android Pay needs users to add payment cards manually on each device they use for security purposes but non-payment cards are supposed to appear automatically on your account wherever you install the app. Version 1.1 fixes the issue and loyalty cards should appear on each device you use automatically, even in the case where you never add a credit card.   Among the visual changes you can spot on this Android Pay update you will find two new options in the menu: Participating Banks and Send Feedback. They are not special, but if you need them you can find them there now. The Send Feedback feature lets you send feedback to Google and the other feature opens up a browser page pointing to the android.com/pay site.   With this Android Pay update you can also get a prompt to Stay in the loop where you can […]

Android Pay not working on Android Marshmallow preview

Android Pay will not work on Preview versions of Marshmallow for now, but it does work on other smartphone devices, new reports show. The APK is available for public use at the moment, but you should not try to use it on a flashed Android Marshmallow developer version.     You can go to the APK mirror in the source link to download the APK, but you will need the appropriate Google Play services installed for it to work. You cannot use the feature on a rooted device because it will interfere with the app verification process; you can, however, re-root your device after installing Android Pay and it will somewhat work.   This restriction was intended by Google, as it works out. An employee of Google responded on Google + that their system verification will not function on preview builds, but it will work perfectly once Marshmallow goes live. Not many other details were made public at the moment.   APK Mirror: Android Pay¬†   Source: AndroidPolice