Best Fiends: puzzle your way through enemies and win money for charities!

Best Fiends is a game that wants to change everything that is bad in the world by letting you have fun and helping charities at the same time. With over 20,000,000 downloads, the game is one of the most popular free adventures with in-app purchases you will find out there. Plus, you can disable the in-app purchase feature from the settings menu if you want to be sure you will not accidentally disclose any credit card info.     Best Fiends is a cross-breed between Candy Crush and Angry Birds and it takes you in the world of Minutia, where you will have to solve all sorts of puzzles and collect cute characters. You will have to defeat slugs and level up in more than 300 different levels that mean hours and hours of mobile fun to be had.   Best Fiends official story   Just like any good game that respects itself and its public, BF has a nice and emotional story to guide you in your puzzle adventures. The villagers of Minutia have lived in proverbial peace and harmony since forever, but when a meteor smashes into Mount Boom, everything is in danger as the resident Slugs have been transformed into evil greenish creatures that took everyone hostage. A handful of Best Fiends remain free and they must level up, become stronger and defeat the Slugs in order to save their loved ones. You are the one that will help them succeed.       If this didn’t win you over yet, you […]

[Game of the day] A Good Snowman will puzzle you with its cutesy difficulty

A Good Snowman will put you right in the jolly holiday mood, just in case you needed another reminder that Winter and Winter holidays are coming. This little game will put you in a puzzle where you have to build a snowman. Thing is, you’re not a human, but a monster who is definitely having some trouble at creating stuff from snow. But you can help him get better at it.     A Good Snowman comes from developer team Draknek, and it will not be free, but more on that later. It received prizes and distinctions at different arcade game conventions in 2015 – including Best Character Design at Intel Level Up in 2014 – for its design and original soundtrack and it will not annoy you with in-app purchases and ads once you buy it.   Your main goal is to build the best snowman the world has ever seen in order to impress your peers. After you manage to construct one little white symbol of winter, you will have to make more and more in some increasingly difficult levels of puzzle adventure. Why you are building snowmen, you may ask? That is a mystery all in itself, as the game does not disclose the reason behind this perilously funny and mind-boggling adventure.     Want to give A Good Snowman a second look? Visit the Google Play Store via the widget below. The game costs $5, which is not cheap, but not very expensive either, especially considering you will not […]

Rayman Adventures – new free adventure mobile game from Ubisoft

If you like side-scrolling games and are a fan of old-school adventures, maybe you will want to go to the Google Play Store soon to check out Rayman Adventures. This is the most recent title from Ubisoft which centers on the very popular Rayman. Unlike previous games, this one is free to download, which means it has a hell load of in-app purchases.       Rayman Adventures takes you to an adventure where you must do everything in your power to save the Incrediballs. Apart from all that action, you will explore environments in order to find and collect the Incrediballs, your first and foremost objective being to bring them to their home. Every Incrediball has its own power and you can use them to solve puzzles and destroy villains.   Visually speaking, the game has no drawbacks, with the environments feeling vibrant and alive for the most part. The main character is also very personable and the other characters can be endearing as well.     Rayman Adventures is available in a few different languages and you can find it for free on the Google Play Store via the widget below. Some items will be purchasable with real money, but the in-app purchases can be turned off in the game settings menu apparently.  

[Free game of the day] Heroes Tactics Mythiventures – mobile tactical RPG at its finest!

Heroes Tactics Mythiventures is now available for free on the Google Play Store. This little tactical RPG game will change your Android experience forever because we can never have too many games on our mobiles, right? If you have been looking for a good game from this genre, you should know that this title may just be the thing for you.       Heroes Tactics Mythiventures has a nice fantasy story with you being part of the Dragon Tribe’s league of heroes who have to defeat the Demons of Hell once again. Your first and most important quest is to save Princess Loralyn, a leader of the tribe, and save the world. In order to bring peace back onto the land you will have to seal the Demon in the underground, and this will not be an easy task.   You can play the game in different ways: campaign, training grounds, guild recruiting, PvP arena mode, Scrimmage Tower, and Sky arena. Every type of gamer has a choice as you can juggle with story-driven gameplays, PvP adventures and treasure hunts.     You can get Heroes  Tactics Mythiventures for free on Google Play Store. It does have in-app purchases, but they are not necessary to enjoy the game itself. If you feel intrigued, give the mobile game a look below:      

[Educational game of the day] Captain Clean needs your help in Cleanopolis!

Captain Clean could change your life or your child’s life if you try it. The world is a terrible horrible place heading to total destruction and humans have a lot to do with that. Renewable energy and alternative solutions are found or worked on all the time, but many do not get to know about them.       Global warming and its effects upon nature are getting worse and worse, and the future seems dark and heavy in greenhouse gasses. This little game could help your children understand what positive change and environment protection are all about. You can try it too, it will definitely get a few laughs out of you, at least at first!   Captain Clean needs you to fight with him against climate change and protect Cleanopolis from CO2 emissions. You get to explore the city and its districts, where you will find different mini-games to keep you entertained. When CO2 emissions are lowered, the city becomes beautiful again, the people are happy and the world continues to turn.       You can even play the game with 3D glasses (cardboards) if you want to immerse yourself a bit on the world of Cleanopolis.   Captain Clean features: 4 districts you can explore quizzes to evaluate ecological footprint and advice on how to improve it 8 mini-games to test your reflexes and reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses movie theater with an educational film included below unlock objects to make Cleanopolis beautiful again!     Captain […]

X-Avto: absolute drift:drift around in simplistic environments

is a new game coming from dev Gvizdon and, although the game is in its beta form at the moment, it does have some functionality that can make your free time be better spent. The game is free but it does offer in-app purchases and it promises to improve with very update. Updates are timely by the way, which means things get improved all the time.       What makes X-Avto: Drift different? the game lets you drift at high speed in a simplistic yet colorful environment filled with geometric shapes. You get to choose between five different cars that you can later use to drift around with. Selling points: 5 different cars to choose from physics approved by extreme driving schools legendary Japanese racetrack free run mode clutch kick customizable cars electro soundtrack no ads.       The game has a nice idea behind it and it may turn out into a success if the right steps are taken in the future. If you want to give it a look you can go to Google Play Store via the widget below: