Humble Mobile Bundle Eye Candy: get Botanicula, Dark Echo and more!

A new week brings about a new Humble Mobile Bundle Eye Candy! We didn’t name it, folks, this is what the new mobile game bundle is officially called. This Humble Bundle brings about Android-exclusive games with no ads and lots of hours of fun.     If you are a Humble Bundle fan, you know […]

[Mobile Game of the day] Close Air Support – have some fun destroying cities with your air craft

If you like traditional side-scrolling arcade games on your device, you can try the new Close Air Support, a little mobile game developed by GVI Studio. This simple game can be found on the Google Play Store and it is free, offering you the option to make in-app purchases if need be (although it doesn’t […]

[Deal of the day] Google app and games sales – Little Big Adventure, Limbo and link Bubble included

As today marks the beginning of a new flagship war with pre-orders all over the US, Google has decided do make its own deals of the weekend. If you go through Google PlayStore, you will find some nice deals for games and apps that may usually be too expensive for you. Among the titles you […]

[Apps of the day] Swipes – to do & task manager is newly available on Google Play

Swipes – to do & task manager is a new productivity app you can find in the Google Playstore and it may just help your workaholic needs a great deal if you give it a chance. Nowadays, our smartphones are not just SMS and phone-call machines; they’re also more than just social media surrogates as […]

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire – the Android app of the day

If you like pretending to be a wizard saving the world and you don‘t mind some in-app purchases, you will be happy to try Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire. This little arcade game can take up a few hours of your life before getting bored or annoyed by the in-app purchases, but hey, magicians need […]

Secret – be curious and share your thoughts anonimously on the Internet

Have you heard of Secret? In case you haven’t, it’s because this little app is one of the Internet’s most well-preserved enigmas! Not really, it’s just a social network that does not connect you to your known friends, but the entire world – or the entire community comprised of around 500k people, according to estimations. […]