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Humble Mobile Bundle Eye Candy: get Botanicula, Dark Echo and more!

A new week brings about a new Humble Mobile Bundle Eye Candy! We didn’t name it, folks, this is what the new mobile game bundle is officially called. This Humble Bundle brings about Android-exclusive games with no ads and lots of hours of fun.


Humble Mobile Bundle Eye Candy


If you are a Humble Bundle fan, you know the drill, every two weeks or so, a new bundle appears. You pay above the exorbitant price of one (1) dollar and get three mobile games. Pay above the average price and you get three more games. After a week or so, more games are bound to appear in the bundle. You always get games cheaper than what you would pay for each of them on the Google Play Store or on Amazon Appstore for example, so it’s a deal!


This time, Humble bundle Eye Candy gets you Botanicula, Deep under the Sky and Haunt the House: Terrortown for the price of $1. The most important and popular game of the three is Botanicula, an adventure puzzle game made by the same studio that brought us Machinarium.



If you pay more than the average price – which at the moment is $4.05 – you also get Jelly Defense, Dark Echo and Fearless Fantasy.


Keep in mind that these bundles share some of the payments with charities, so it’s always a nice gesture to choose to give to the needy.


Source: Humble Bundle

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[Mobile Game of the day] Close Air Support – have some fun destroying cities with your air craft

If you like traditional side-scrolling arcade games on your device, you can try the new Close Air Support, a little mobile game developed by GVI Studio. This simple game can be found on the Google Play Store and it is free, offering you the option to make in-app purchases if need be (although it doesn’t seem so necessary at first, you kinda get bombed with different coin purchase options).


air support close



What this game is all about is the fact that you get to pilot an air craft with tons of ammo you can use to destroy everything in your path, be it vehicles, tanks or buildings. The entire city is your enemy and you must die an honorable death by taking as many as you can with you. It gets repetitive after a while, but if that’s your thing, it’s ok.


ATlogo 512


You will have to shoot as much as you can in order to destroy every hostile vehicle down there and you will help yourself in this endeavor by using bullets, dive-bombers, and the Russian fighter IL-2 Sturmovik or the A-10 Thunderbolt Warhog.


Air support


The game offers three different aircrafts to choose from, upgradeable airplanes and tons and tons of ammo. The game is still in beta at the moment and you may see some improvements as time goes by. If you just like some mindless fun when you’re waiting for the bus and have nothing better to do, Close Air Support can be a decent time-passer, especially if you support small developers.

Close Air Support
Close Air Support
Developer: Gvizdon
Price: Free+
  • Close Air Support Screenshot
  • Close Air Support Screenshot
  • Close Air Support Screenshot
  • Close Air Support Screenshot
  • Close Air Support Screenshot
  • Close Air Support Screenshot
  • Close Air Support Screenshot
  • Close Air Support Screenshot
  • Close Air Support Screenshot
  • Close Air Support Screenshot
  • Close Air Support Screenshot
  • Close Air Support Screenshot
  • Close Air Support Screenshot
  • Close Air Support Screenshot
  • Close Air Support Screenshot
  • Close Air Support Screenshot
  • Close Air Support Screenshot
  • Close Air Support Screenshot
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[Deal of the day] Google app and games sales – Little Big Adventure, Limbo and link Bubble included

As today marks the beginning of a new flagship war with pre-orders all over the US, Google has decided do make its own deals of the weekend. If you go through Google PlayStore, you will find some nice deals for games and apps that may usually be too expensive for you. Among the titles you will find on sale are Limbo, Link Bubble Pro, Tiny planet, XCOM Enemy Within and Little Big Adventure.


Fast burst camera – $0.99 from $3.99

Tiny Planet FX Pro – $0.99 from $2.99

Air Display — $4.99 from $9.99

Link Bubble Pro — $2.49 from $3.99



Limbo — $0.99 from $4.99

XCOM: Enemy Within — $4.99 from $12.99

NHL 2K — $2.99 from $7.99

South Park: Pinball — $1.99 from $3.99

Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery — $1.99 from $4.99

Dope War — $1.99 from $2.99

Qvadriga — $4.99 from $9.99

Pocket Academy — $1.20 from $4.99

ReactionLab 2 — $1.79 from $2.99

1941 Frozen Front Premium — $0.15 from $1.99

Aces of the Luftwaffe Premium — $0.15 from $1.99

Farm Invasion USA – Premium — $0.15 from $5.99

Townsmen Premium — $0.15 from $2.99

Devils & Demons Premium — $0.15 from $1.99

Clouds & Sheep Premium — $0.15 from $3.99

Little Big Adventure — $2.99 from $4.99

Call of Duty®: Strike Team — $1.99 from $6.99

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath — $2.99 from $4.99

Civilization Revolution 2 — $4.99 from $14.99

Source: Google Playstore

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[Apps of the day] Swipes – to do & task manager is newly available on Google Play

Swipes – to do & task manager is a new productivity app you can find in the Google Playstore and it may just help your workaholic needs a great deal if you give it a chance. Nowadays, our smartphones are not just SMS and phone-call machines; they’re also more than just social media surrogates as some of us actually have jobs and time schedules to work with. If you are already using Evernote and Inbox on your device, you may also consider this little booger.




Swipes doesn’t sound like much but it is highly responsive when it comes to to-do lists and simple scheduling. Its highlight is the integration with Evernote that every workaholic or overly organized person out there uses. All you have to do is tag notes with swipe and they will be added to your queue at the date you set. All the information is stored in the cloud so that you can check your history of achieved and unachieved tasks.



In order to schedule an event later you swipe it to the left and if you want to dismiss or complete one you swipe it to the right. The tasks are categorized in “completed” (noted with green) and “pending” ones noted with red. You have Light and Dark themes to choose from and you can set notifications to remind you of certain tasks.

[box type=”shadow”]Features:

  • Plan your day on a timeline
  • Easily snooze tasks for later
  • Schedule things ahead
  • Check a history of your accomplishments
  • Set priorities
  • Get reminded with notifications
  • Enjoy Dark and Light theme
  • Use tags and work in context
  • Assign reminders and notes
  • Your data is safe and backed-up to the cloud
  • Powerful integration with Evernote


The app is free and has no in-app purchases.


[googleplay url=””]


Source: AndroidCommunity

Thanks: Mitko Ivanov

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Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire – the Android app of the day

If you like pretending to be a wizard saving the world and you don‘t mind some in-app purchases, you will be happy to try Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire. This little arcade game can take up a few hours of your life before getting bored or annoyed by the in-app purchases, but hey, magicians need money too, right?


magic touch


The goal in this adventure is to keep enemies from landing on your castle for as long as you can and in order to complete that goal you have to pop their balloons. The balloon transportation method is a bit odd, but it works in the mechanics aspect because each inflated sphere has a symbol on it and you can break it if you spell the symbol in the air with the magic of your finger. You will have to be pretty fast to keep those mean guys away from your safe residence.



Each session rewards you with coins you can later use to learn new spells that in turn help you defend the castle for longer periods of time. The in-app purchases offer you more coins and the main in-app purchase that rids you of ads is $3.


[googleplay url=””]

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Secret – be curious and share your thoughts anonimously on the Internet

Have you heard of Secret? In case you haven’t, it’s because this little app is one of the Internet’s most well-preserved enigmas! Not really, it’s just a social network that does not connect you to your known friends, but the entire world – or the entire community comprised of around 500k people, according to estimations. Ok ok, it’s getting popular, we get it… but what does it do?


Secret old and new


Secret connects you with people’s semi-private statuses and thoughts. All users send their words on the Internet and the others are reading them without knowing where they came from AND they can respond too. It is basically considered the social network you should go to when you want to discuss stuff you don’t want associated with your identity. This way you can actually give and get honest opinions from all over the Internet without being afraid of what your family, friends and that neighbor think. You can even have private chats with people and get to know them better too.

The app has been around for a while now, and it received a redesign with a nice and Material Designed icon. The shy feline creature that kept looking at you from behind a door is now a proud red fox ready to stick her whiskers in your business.


Secret redesign


The redesign is not just about the icon, as the layout itself has been modified a bit to match the Android Lollipop vibe more. You’ll see more white and more vibrant colors too.

The official changelog is found below:

  • An entirely new look for Secret
  • Add photos to posts (tap and hold to view)
  • Discover new spaces and communities around you
  • Chat privately with your friends, coworkers and people around you; meet new people.


[googleplay url=””]