Google improves Hangouts call quality via peer-to-peer connections

Google is making some changes to Hangouts when it comes to peer-to-peer calls. The mod will improve audio and video quality of your calls on the app because it will reduce the number of hoops the signal must pass through.     The downside to this change in Hangouts is that both IP addresses of the callers will be revealed. This will in turn make it easier for someone to know your location. For most users, this will not constitute a problem but some people may use their accounts on professional affairs and need their location to be kept secret.   There is the case when Hangouts will not be able to make a peer-to-peer connection, when the service will make a connection via servers. This is an internal change that will not affect your usual use of the app if all goes well, it may even improve your call quality overall.      

Flyperlink app lets you enjoy floating web browsing on your Android device

Flyperlink is an app available on the Google Play store that will change the way you browse the web. With it, when you read through the links on your device, the app can pop up the webpages you want in individual bubbles that you can view and move around as you want.       After you install it, Flyperlink will keep running in the background until you need it. Then you can decide which app you want to open your link with. You can choose the app itself, Chrome and any other browser you use on your Android device. When you choose the app, it will make a bubble appear on screen that you can expand or minimize, or move around as you see fit. When you are done with the page, you can drag the bubble to the thrash icon that you can find at the bottom of your screen.   The page bubbles can be customized, but many of the customization are only available with the Plus version, which is not as free as the basic one. The Plus Flyperlink costs you 99 cents. If you feel like this app may help you out, give it a look via the widget below:    

Cortana app gets update with quick homescreen widget and better load time

Cortana has been around for Android devices for about two months now and soon after its launch it received an update where the “Hey Cortana” hotword was removed in order to avoid conflicts with Google’s own “OK Google” trigger. The hotword is still available on CyanogenOS though.       The new update to version 1.4.0 brings about a homescreen widget that would make the app easier to use in a rush. You get a big ASK Cortana button that will launch a voice search immediately, a button for reminders and a list of upcoming events and reminders.   Cortana update 1.4.0 changelog:   new widget for quick launching Cortana and set reminders reduced app load time better loading experience for low speed and unstable network conditions more stable voice interactions.   Cortana app is free but it is limited to the US and China at the moment. If you are in one of the two areas and you want to try the app, you can do so via the widget below:      

Cortana app from Windows officially available for Android, iOS and OnePlus One

  Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana is finally out of beta. For starters, the app will be available in the US and China, but more competing markets will emerge later. Starting today, if you are in the US or China you can download the virtual assistant for your Android device, for the iPhone and for the Windows 10 smartphone. Cyanogen OS-powered devices will also be able to get in on the fun as OnePlus One will integrate support for the VI with the 12.1.1 Cyanogen OTA. Basically, Cortana lets you track reminders and notifications across platforms, plus you can ask your own questions. You also get different features based on which platform you use the app. Cortana for Android lets users ask questions via the “Hey Cortana” command. This feature is available in the app or on the home screen. You also get notifications on a Windows 10 PC. These features will not be available for Apple products because iOS will not be opened fast enough to make support for them. You also get the option of testing features on your Android device. Cortana features: • Set and get location and time reminders across your PC and phone. • Get notified and send a quick text reply from your PC if you miss a call on your phone*. • Track packages, flights, scores, stocks, and other important info across your PC and phone. • Use Cortana’s Notebook to view, edit and manage your interests. • Get information and answers to all kinds of questions. If you’re […]

Google Play app visual changes released via OTA update

Google Play app recently got a new coat and now it’s finally making its way to all Android tablets and smartphones that support this change. The much-improved design was first revealed earlier this month and it now marks the separation of Google mobile products into Apps&Games and Entertainment sections. Under these two category buttons you will find more specific subsections such as top charts apps and family-oriented services. Under the Entertainment umbrella you will find individual pages for movies, music, TV shows, newsstand subscriptions or books.       One of the biggest visual changes on Google Play app are the new animations and some scrolling effects that make things pop out more now. Sadly, you cannot install these updates manually, which means you will have to wait for an OTA. This is a server-side change, which means that Google will have to release the update to all devices before you can see it happen on your device. It’s been done on some of them already, but there are still many more that need it.   This is a nice new change for Google Play app, one that frequently comes to those who choose Android, unlike the Apple App Store that does not receive that many updates. Google just likes to keep its customers entertained!   Source: TheVerge

Titanium Backup – your best solution for rooting and backing up apps!

Titanium Backup recently got an update to version v7.2.3 and the most important thing you get out of it is Android 6.0 support. This app is the most popular and important root app around! It became a hit because it has an intuitive interface and it is easy to use, even by modding novices out there.     The app lets you backup, restore, and freeze your apps, data, and Market links. You will be able to do 0-click batch and scheduled backups plus you will be able to backup protected and system apps and even data on an SD card. The apps’ backups operate without having to close any apps in the pro version and you will be able to move apps to and from an SD card with ease.   Titan Backup has more than 30 million downloads already and it has support for all Android OS versions 1.5 and up.   If you have a Nexus or an Android One device updated to Marshmallow, you can enjoy the SuperSU version that allows you to root the device and you can also use the 7.2.3 Titanium Backup version with it. Below you can see the full changelog for the updated app version.   Titanium Backup changelog:   Added initial support for Android 6.0 Fixed FC on launch if Greenify Xposed module is present [PRO] added support for XML backup/restore of Wi-Fi network that use EAP 9identity + password) on Android 4.3 and above Updated translations.   Even if continuous core functionality from Android […]