Robert Downey Jr and HTC band together for HTC One M9 promo virals

Robert Downey Jr and HTC are in cahoots again and this time it’s all about the colors of technology and comedy. The Iron Man himself starred in 10 short creatives meant to promote the new One M9 and his charisma and ability to entertain ooze from each of the few-seconds-long videos.




In these briefs, color is the unifying medium in which Downey Jr and a few accomplices go through some incredible adventures filled with artistic references. In one short Downey Jr and Brian Schaeffer plug a grenade into a light socket while in another they fight on who is the dominant bunny. The perpetual tagline seems to be “HTC. One Life. Make it Count”. And it is accompanied by other phrases meant to highlight different HTC features. You can see them all below.


Source: HTC


Android L dessert casting underway; new ads and mottos released

Google’s newest OS, Android L, is going through casting sessions as we speak! The legit announcement comes from Youtube itself and from Twittah, as Android chief Sundar Pichai recently tweeted out a video where lots of desserts are auditioning to become the next Android star (dessert)!


The mystery of Android’s dessert name remains one of the most “pressing” matters of the hour, and the competition seems to be closer than ever as Lemon Pie, Lava Cake and even Oreo are trying their best in becoming the world’s most popular nickname of the tech world for the following year or so.


In just a few days we are sure to find out the codename of Android L, as its official launch is almost upon us. Apart from releasing this little amusing piece of advertisement, Google launched some new slogans and another Android ad you can see below.

#NexusWarriors are gathering to storm the Internet as soon as the new Android version is official and they will surely spread the word about Nexus 6 and Nexus 9’s feats of strength.

Google’s new slogan is “Be Together, Not the Same.” And it seems that Nexus 6 made an appearance as well! Google is trying to point out that all people are different and have different taste. There are, of course, phones big or small enough for everyone, and the following ad shows this in full.


Source: Youtube

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Sony’s new ad campain for Xperia Z3 hits the spot!

Sony releases a new ad campaign for its Xperia Z3 devices, and it seems to look pretty good so far! The new Z3 already has 8 videos on Sony’s official Xperia Youtube channel, some being the same video edited in order to accentuate various features while others show a different side of the smartphone.

It appears that Sony hit the jackpot and released one of the best smartphone commercials on the market right now. The product is seen as a hero in a well-balanced ad where the world is the only limit. Check it out below!

The other seven ads show a videographer taking advantage of all the Sony devices in his daily life by accentuating the Sony Lifestyle. Some shots are rather confusing (like the one where a phone is placed in a lake!!!!) or strange altogether (people in LED suits snowboarding at night) but they probably try to underline that Sony really gets artists.

The visual style is on point as Sony always makes use of vibrant colors, but keep in mind that the footage is not filmed with an actual Xperia Z3.

Source: Sony Xperia YouTube channel

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S showed off in new video ad!

A new Samsung Galaxy Tab S will soon come on the market, and it is advertised now in a new video. The official first look video shows a nice looking fellow with a robust body and countless possibilities.

Apparently, the tablet will have a physical button on the middle on landscape mode, perhaps its position being a hint at how the tablet should be used more. Tab S has a thin design and pretty powerful specs, including an AMOLED display with a fingerprint scanner near the physical button and the possibility of splitting the screen in two panes. It also presents a new magazine service from Samsung named Papergarden.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S will come in 8.4 and 10.1 inch variants and it presents a 2560 x 1600p AMOLED screen, the highest resolution screen ever made from Samsung for Android devices.

Under the chassis, the tablet has either a 1.9/1.3 GHz Exynos 5 Octa Core processors or 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800 chips accompanied by 3 GB of RAM. It has 16 GB or 32 GB storage with a MicroSD slot. Both tablet variants have 8MP/2MP sensors with LED flash. The smaller tablet gets a 4900 mAh battery whereas the larger one has a 7900 mAh battery. In terms of design, Tab S retains S5’s dotted design and it will be available in white and bronze, which is more of a black with shiny gold trims.

AT&T will be the first US carrier to bring the tablets here, but there is no announcement regarding a launch date yet. The device will cost around $399.99 – the 8.4” version – or $499.99 – the 10.1” version.

It was announced online yesterday and it will be soon launched officially. Stay tuned for more info!


LG Lifeband Touch on Best Buy for $149.99

LG Lifeband is now available on Best Buy at a decent price of $149.99. The fitness tracker is available in two sizes and it pretty much does what you expect a fitness touch tracker to do.

The device tracks steps, measures distance and speed and it allows users to set workout run times, calorie burn, pace, climbs and activity vs inactivity periods. It can sync with your phone and show you text messages and calls and offers media playback controls. You control everything on your phone with the help of a 0.9-inch OLED display. Even if the device does not have heart rate monitors, it is compatible with other heart rate monitors and apps.

Lg Lifeband Touch ad, source Best Buy
Lg Lifeband Touch ad, source Best Buy

The LG Lifeband Touch includes Bluetooth LE support; it is compatible with LG’s proprietary fitness app and is water-resistant. It also presents a 3D accelerometer and has a long-lasting battery (up to 2-3 days of usage). The device is compatible with any phone and tablet with Android 4.2 and up.

On Best Buy you will find the medium and large sizes at $149.99.