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YouTube Red goes live today! Watch videos with no more pesky ads!

The age of ad-free videos and music is upon us as YouTube Red goes live starting today! When you open your YouTube app or page today, you will see a new logo for the Red feature and you may get bombarded with some ads prompting you to try it out… by buying it, of course.


YouTube Red



The irony of it all is that, in order to escape 15-second pre-roll ads or click to escape banners, you will have to sit through one about YouTube Red anyway. The feature is allowed on any platform where you log in and it requires you to pay $9.99 per month to be ad-free. That’s not all you get for this money though, as you will also get offline caching that lets you view videos offline, plus some exclusive content from popular YouTubers that you will not be able to see elsewhere (at least not legally – lets be honest, we all know how the Internet works already).



You can get a subscription by paying up to Red directly or if you already have a Play Music subscription already available. The price for each feature is the same, and if you buy one sub, you get the other for free. You can also get a 1 month free trial of YouTube Red if you want to be sure about what you are getting before signing up your money for it. You can give it a look at the source link below.


Source: YouTube



YouTube Red – the final YouTube experience you ever needed

YouTube Red is finally upon us and a new life without ads has finally become a reality. Well, technically, the service goes live on October 28th, but we already know all the details. When you agree to a $9.99 monthly fee you will never have to see another ad on YouTube again; plus you get other nice perks to go with it.


YouTube Red



Why is YouTube Red special?


This feature will stop streaming ads on ALL videos, including offline and playback viewing. Users who agree to this option will no longer see any banners, pre or mid-roll ads or text overlay ads on the videos they see. When it comes to embedded promotions on a channel the situation is different, as Google doesn’t have anything to do with them, meaning you will still see those. This feature will be available everywhere you log into your account to watch videos. This comes along with a new YouTube Music app that is siphoning some nice stuff for the Red.



What is most interesting and helpful about YouTube Red is the fact that it is linked with Play Music. If you pay a monthly Red subscription, you also get unlimited Play Music streaming and if you are already subscribed to Play Music you also get Red for free. This allows you to pay $10 for both apps in their subscription mode, which is a decent deal from Google.


It all starts in the US on October 28th, when new users will be able to try out YouTube Red for free for about a month. That is also when the Red subscription method becomes available but you can already subscribe to Play Music to get automatic access to it. Welcome to the official ad-free YouTube Red subscription world!


Source: YouTube blog