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Fossil Q Founder available on Google Store soon!

Fossil Q Founder is a new smartwatch you may want to check out soon. You can already find it on the Fossil official site, but you will also be able to get it on the Google Store. It is sold for $295 and it is appropriately priced for a device running on an ultra-low-power Atom processor from Intel. This wearable has 1 GB of RAM, which is double the amount you get in flagship wearables like LG Watch Urbane, Moto 360 2015 or Huawei Watch. It is powered by a hefty 400 mAh battery, which should hold well for a few good hours.


Fossil Q Founder



On Google Store you will be able to read about more specs, even more than you will find on the official Fossil site. This way, you can see what makes this device tick and HOW it ticks. A curious detail is the speaker that we are not sure will work yet,because it may not have active software at the moment.


Fossil Q Founder spec list:


Model Options

  • Light stainless steel case with silver-finish steel bracelet
  • Light stainless steel case with leather band


  • 1.5” Circle LTPS LCD
  • 360 x 326, 240 PPI


  • 38.1 mm diameter


  • 172.9 g with steel band
  • 70.9 g with leather strap


  • Intel® Atom™ processor

Memory & Storage

  • 1 GB RAM
  • 4 GB internal storage

Operating system

  • Android Wear


  • Stainless steel watch module


  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Ambient Light Sensor


  • 400 mAh
  • All day (mixed use)


  • Invensense ICS-43432 mic


  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth® 4.1 LE


  • 22mm quick-release pin mechanism

Water resistance rating

  • IP67¹


Google Store does not present a price for the device yet, but it was previously listed at $275 value. That was before Fossil posted in on its store for a higher price.


Source: Google Store

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Dbrand limited edition Nexus skins you can have at a great price!

If you have a Nexus and want to make it feel more retro, you may want to try an exclusive skin from dbrand. The Nexus X was an old-school device from Google that sported the traditional red, green, blue and yellow and, even if the current iterations of the Nexus line look more in line with the times, there are still people who may be nostalgic over the colorful past. Dbrand is sure of this and is offering a limited time free upgrade with a skin that gives you the traditional Nexus logo.


Nexus skin



Nexus skins




This is not a permanent offer but dbrand took advantage of the popularity of this offer and if you want an old school skin to go with your brand new Nexus device, hurry up!


nexus grey

nexus white
Nexus moto

Google skin


There are skins available for Nexus 6, Nexus 9, and Nexus 5. If you want to get a free skin before you have to pay for them, head over HERE!

Source: dbrand via AndroidPolice

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Motorola Moto X 2014 gets new real leather back in red color – option available for France, UK, Germany and the US

Motorola Moto X 2014 is back with a vengeance in its new red as fire leather outfit! If you live in France, UK, Germany or the US, you can now order a red Horween leather back panel for your Moto X2014 just to match your phone with your designer shoes!


Moto X


The upgrade itself is $25 in the US, just like all the other options, and you can even engrave it. For $50 or $100 you can add 32GB or 64GB of additional storage. The red leather option is available to all unlocked and carrier-discounted phones from AT&T and Verizon. The actual color of the coat could be a little different from what you see as in images it is shown a few hues brighter than the color seen in the Moto Maker.

Don’t forget this is real leather coming from a real cow so if you have an issue with that you should not buy it. Also, it will not be as durable as a usual plastic back. In time, it will absorb oils from you skin, which will deteriorate its appearance, making it look worn. But that could be a good thing for some people.

Source: Moto Maker

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Nexus 9 cases and keyboard folio you can find on Amazon and Google Play!

Nexus 9 is getting all the love nowadays and, in order to become exactly what you need, you can now accessorize it with some hip and colorful keyboard folios and magic covers.

The Keyboard folio can be found on Amazon, where you would be paying $129.99, and on Google Play, where it costs 99 cents less. The case attaches magnetically to the back of the tablet and can pair it with Bluetooth. When it is closed, it reacts just as a regular case and when it is opened, it will become a dual-angle stand and a mechanical Bluetooth keyboard. It has its own 5 month battery life.


Nexus keyboard folio


In case you don’t need the keyboard folio, you can opt for the much cheaper Magic Cover, the origami-inspired magnetic cover that will totally change your Nexus 9 tablet on the front and on the back, depending on where you use it most. It can be folded to prop the tablet at two angles and it even manages to open the camera app when you fold the flap covering the camera sensor on the back.



The Magic Cover can be found in the Google Play store at $39 and on Amazon, where it costs 99 cents more. You can choose between mint indigo, lime stone, black and coral amethyst to color your device a little.

Source: Amazon

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ZeroLemon 9000 mAh external battery for LG G3 sells for $59.99 on Amazon

ZeroLemon returns with a new external battery for another device. This time we’re talking about LG G3 which will receive a grungy case with a 9000 mAh battery that costs only $60! The boost should increase the smartphone’s duration three times to the current autonomy!

Considering the fact that the accessory is much bigger than the original battery, it is sold in a rear cover that looks more like an Otterbox case than anything else. The battery even includes a sort of a protection case which provides cutouts for the flash, rear camera, the laser focus module and the power and volume buttons in the back.

The cover is pretty big and bulks the device even more than it already is at its 5.5” screen, making it twice as thick and adding one centimeter on each side and at the top and bottom as well.

The extended battery is sold on Amazon for $59.99 and the package includes a belt clip and a free screen protector. The battery has a 6 month warranty and is not included in the free shipping Prime program, but all you have to pay is an additional 69 cents for standard shipping.

Source: Amazon

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The Rumor mill: Samsung may be working on a circular smartwatch of its own

Motorola and LG are not the only manufacturers ready to launch a circular-design smartwatch in the near future. Samsung is said to be thinking about the same thing and Gear 2 Solo, the SIM-enabled device ready by the South-Koreans may make an appearance at next week’s Unpacked event as a precursor to a yet unknown Gear model that is reportedly being developed as we speak.

SamMobile reports that the newest Gear device is circular, but a launch date is unknown at the moment. The operating system it will support is also unknown, but the reality of a circular Samsung smartwatch is not a surprise.

This year’s most anticipated device is Moto 360 and this is mostly due to its deferential design and premium materials. In case the device proves to be a real success, Samsung may consider bringing its own circular smartwatch to light sooner than expected. 

Source: SamMobile

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