T Mobile’s LG G2 gets minor update with Gogo Inflight SMS support


T Mobile’s LG G2 is receiving an update, and we’re still not talking about the Lollipop design. The update will be most helpful to owners who like to travel a lot, because it gets Gogo Inflight Texting support. This means that users will be able to keep in contact with their loved ones on the ground and they will not have to pay anything extra either.


Visual voicemail is included. The sad part is that the option is only available for Gogo-enabled flights. If the plane used is not equipped properly the option will not function and you should leave it on airplane mode.


This update brings the G2 at version number D80120g and you will need around 308 MB of space to download. Suffice it to say you should get a Wi-Fi connection first.


Source: T Mobile

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