T Mobile’s HTC One M8 gets OTA update to Android 4.4.4; Eye experience included


T Mobile’s HTC One M8 is receiving an OTA to Android 4.4.4 with the Eye experience. Apart from getting the update to the most recent and stable Android version, T Mobile’s HTC version will be getting the Eye experience as well.

The Eye experience is a feature bundle that includes Face Tracking, the facility to keep tabs on up to four faces on a video chat at the same time and it even shows them on split screen. A much more fun feature is Face Fusion, where users are allowed to blend their face with another person’s appearance, a useful feature especially for parents who want to know what their future kids may look like.

Split Capture, another useful feature, will let you record what is going on through both cameras at the same time, offering a unique view of what you are filming and of what your face looks like when you film funny (or scary) stuff.

The full OTA update is 256MB large and will arrive in waves, so you may have to wait a little before you get yours.

Source: AndroidPolice


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